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We are a large community of academics and professional clinicians undertaking innovative research and delivering high-quality teaching and training.

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Senior Leadership team

Roi Cohen Kadosh profile image

Professor Roi Cohen Kadosh

Head of School of Psychology and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Charo Hodgkins profile image

Dr Charo Hodgkins

Director of Innovation / Senior Research Fellow

Mary John profile image

Mary John

Head of Department Psychological Intervention

Christina Jones profile image

Dr Chrissie Jones

Director of Research / Reader in Clinical Health Psychology

Dr Oliver Mason

Director of Employability / Reader in Clinical Psychology

Monique Raats (she/her) profile image

Professor Monique Raats

EDI Lead / Professor: Director of the Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre

Juha Silvanto profile image

Dr Juha Silvanto

International Lead / Reader in Neuroscience

Harriet Tenenbaum profile image

Professor Harriet Tenenbaum

Director of Learning and Teaching; Reader in Developmental Psychology

Lada Timotijevic profile image

Dr Lada Timotijevic

Head of Department of Psychological Sciences

Ines Violante profile image

Dr Ines Violante

PGR Director / Senior Lecturer in Psychological Neuroscience

Academic staff

Chris Askew profile image

Dr Chris Askew

Lecturer in Psychology

Tibor Auer profile image

Dr Tibor Auer

Lecturer in Biological Psychology

Adrian Banks profile image

Dr Adrian Banks

Senior Lecturer

Thorsten Barnhofer profile image

Professor Thorsten Barnhofer

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Laura Bedford

Teaching Fellow

Emma Casey

Teaching Fellow

Rocco Chiou profile image

Dr Rocco Chiou

Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Madeleine Coe profile image

Madeleine Coe

Research Assistant

Dr Tina Cohen

Senior Teaching Fellow

Kathrin Cohen Kadosh profile image

Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh

Reader in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Mark Cropley profile image

Professor Mark Cropley

Professor of Health Psychology

Emma Crouch

Senior Lecturer in CBT - Lead for Talking Therapies

Joanne Culver

Senior Teaching Fellow, Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

Dr Indigo Davis

Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist

Philip Dean profile image

Dr Philip Dean

Research Fellow

Bridget Dibb profile image

Dr Bridget Dibb

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, PhD Health Psychology Course Director

Simon Draycott profile image

Dr Simon Draycott

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Laura Driesen

Senior teaching fellow & programme lead (advanced practice in psychological wellbeing)

Abby Dunn profile image

Dr Abby Dunn

Senior Lecturer

Bernadette Egan profile image

Dr Bernadette Egan

Senior Research Fellow/Senior Adviser NIHR Research Design Service South-East/Acting Co-Chair University of Surrey Ethics Committee

Dr Katherine Ellis

Research Fellow

Dr Simon Evans

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Emily Farran profile image

Professor Emily Farran

Professor in Developmental Psychology

Fabio Fasoli profile image

Dr Fabio Fasoli

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology

Carolina Feher da Silva profile image

Dr Carolina Feher da Silva

Lecturer in Psychology

Chris Fife-Schaw profile image

Professor Christopher Fife-Schaw

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Rachel Francois-Walcott

NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Hannah Frith profile image

Dr Hannah Frith

Associate Professor in Psychology

Tim Gamble profile image

Dr Tim Gamble

Research Fellow

Benjamin Gardner profile image

Dr Benjamin Gardner

Reader in Psychology

Birgitta Gatersleben profile image

Professor Birgitta Gatersleben

Professor of Environmental Psychology

Judith Gentle profile image

Dr Judith Gentle

Senior lecturer in Psychology

Kate Gleeson profile image

Dr Kate Gleeson

Research Director, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Sarah Glew profile image

Dr Sarah Glew

Lecturer (PsychD), Clinical Psychologist

Debbie Gooch profile image

Dr Debbie Gooch

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Alexandra Grandison (née Clifford) profile image

Dr Alexandra Grandison

Director of Learning and Teaching

Dr Jessica Guzman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sarah Hack profile image

Dr Sarah Hack

Programme Lead, Psychology Foundation Year

Dr Gabriella Haeems

Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer

Lucy Hale profile image

Dr Lucy Hale

Senior Teaching Fellow, Clinical Psychologist

Laura Hamilton profile image

Laura Hamilton

Lecturer in Learning Development

Emma Henderson profile image

Dr Emma Henderson

Research Fellow

Mariëtte Henning-Pugh profile image

Dr Mariette Henning-Pugh

Teaching Fellow (PsychD) & Principal Clinical Psychologist

Erica Hepper profile image

Dr Erica Hepper

Lecturer in Personality/Social Psychology

Aífe Hopkins-Doyle profile image

Dr Aife Hopkins-Doyle

Lecturer in Social Psychology

Dr Zhuo Hu

Research Fellow

Catherine Huckle profile image

Dr Catherine Huckle

Joint Programme Director

Jane Iles profile image

Dr Jane Iles

Joint Programme Director, PsychD Clinical Psychology Programme. Associate Professor. Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lewis Jayes

Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Programme for Psychology

Sarfraz Jeraj profile image

Dr Sarfraz Jeraj

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Manveer Kaur

Teaching Fellow

Phillippa Lally profile image

Dr Phillippa Lally

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Melissa Marselle profile image

Dr Melissa Marselle

Lecturer in Environmental Psychology

Marie Martel profile image

Dr Marie Martel

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Feride Masera

Research Assistant

Emily McDougal profile image

Dr Emily McDougal

Research Fellow

Lisa Mohebati profile image

Dr Lisa Mohebati

Research Fellow

Joanna Moss profile image

Dr Joanna Moss

Senior Lecturer

Dr Caitlin Murray

Research Fellow

Jonathan Nelson profile image

Dr Jonathan Nelson

Lecturer in Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Dr Ciara O'Brien

Research Fellow

Amy O'Connor profile image

Amy O'Connor

Lecturer in Psychological Intervention (CBT)

Jane Ogden profile image

Professor Jane Ogden

Professor of Health Psychology

Bob Patton profile image

Dr Bob Patton

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Sarah Payne profile image

Dr Sarah Payne

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Psychology

Alejandro Perez profile image

Dr Alejandro Perez

Research Fellow

Dr Gemma Perman

Teaching Fellow

Michael Pluess profile image

Professor Michael Pluess

Professor of Developmental Psychology

Lydia Poole profile image

Dr Lydia Poole

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Health Psychology

Eleanor Ratcliffe profile image

Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Psychology

Rebecca Read profile image

Dr Rebecca Read

Research Fellow

Angelica Ronald profile image

Professor Angelica Ronald

Professor of Psychology and Genetics

Sophie Russell profile image

Dr Sophie Russell

Lecturer in Social Psychology

Serena Sabatini profile image

Dr Serena Sabatini

Lecturer in Psychology

Anna Sagredou

Teaching Fellow

Dr Rose-Marie Satherley

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Laura Simonds profile image

Dr Laura Simonds

Senior Lecturer and Academic Director - Clinical Psychology Doctorate

Kimberley Smith profile image

Dr Kimberley Smith

Senior lecturer in Clinical Health Psychology

Mojtaba Soltanlou profile image

Dr Mojtaba Soltanlou

Assistant Professor in Developmental Neuroscience

Dr Katherine Wakelin

Research Fellow

Anna-Stiina Wallinheimo profile image

Dr Anna-Stiina Wallinheimo

Research Fellow (B)

Dr Emma White

Visiting Research Fellow in Environmental Psychology

Dr Emma Williams

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Alan C.-N. Wong profile image

Dr Alan Wong

Senior Lecturer

Marija Zivkovic

Postdoctoral Researcher

Visiting staff

Sebastian Bartos

Visiting Lecturer

Professor Grant Devilly

Visiting Professor

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell

Visiting Professor

Peter Hegarty

Visiting Professor

Peter Hilpert

Visiting Lecturer

Seung Ho Youn

Academic Visitor

Valeria Jaramillo profile image

Dr Valeria Jaramillo

Visiting Researcher

Chris Jones profile image

Dr Christopher Jones

Visiting Reader

Ian Kneebone

Visiting Professor

Silja Berg Kårstad

Visiting Reader

Linda Morison profile image

Linda Morison

Visiting Lecturer

Paul Sowden profile image

Professor Paul Sowden

Visiting Professor

Annette Sterr profile image

Professor Annette Sterr

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

Kayleigh Wyles

Visiting Lecturer

Emeritus staff

Martyn Barrett profile image

Professor Martyn Barrett

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Professor Nick Emler

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Chris Fife-Schaw profile image

Professor Christopher Fife-Schaw

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Professor Richard Shepherd

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

David Uzzell profile image

Professor David Uzzell

Professor (Emeritus) of Environmental Psychology