Dr Robert Siddall

Lecturer in Robotics


Robotic Reptiles
A drone perches to a tree branch with a specialised grapple.
Winning the 'Drones for Good' National Award with a pipeline repair robot
The AquaMAV aquatic aircraft dives into the water.
Gecko Lander
Examining animal morphology at the Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart


Research interests

Why do gliding geckos crash head-first into tree trunks?
These squids can fly... no, really - Robert Siddall
Using water reactive fuel to power fast aquatic escape
Aquatic Micro Air Vehicles for Water Health Monitoring
Surrey Showcase 2021 | Dr Robert Siddall | University of Surrey
A Passively Adaptive Microspine Grapple for Robust, Controllable Perching
Efficient Aerial Aquatic Locomotion with a Single Propulsion System



Additional publications