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Dr Roberta Bonomo

Postgraduate Research Student


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Roberta Bonomo, Annalisa Canta, Alessia Chiorazzi, Valentina Alda Carozzi, Cristina Meregalli, Eleonora Pozzi, Paola Alberti, Cecile F Frampas, Daan R Van der Veen, Paola Marmiroli, Debra J Skene, Guido Cavaletti (2023)Effect of age on metabolomic changes in a model of paclitaxel-induced peripheral neurotoxicity, In: Journal of the peripheral nervous system

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (CIPN) is one of the most common dose-limiting side-effects of paclitaxel (PTX) treatment. Many age-related changes have been hypothesized to underlie susceptibility to damage or impaired regeneration/repair after nerve injury. The results of these studies, however, are inconclusive and other potential biomarkers of nerve impairment need to be investigated. Twenty-four young (2 months) and 24 adult (9 months) Wistar male rats were randomized to either PTX treatment (10 mg/kg i.v. once/week for 4 weeks) or vehicle administration. Neurophysiological and behavioral tests were performed at baseline, after 4 weeks of treatment and 2-week follow-up. Skin biopsies and nerve specimens collected from sacrificed animals were examined for intraepidermal nerve fiber (IENF) density assessment and nerve morphology/morphometry. Blood and liver samples were collected for targeted metabolomics analysis. At the end of treatment, the neurophysiological studies revealed a reduction in sensory nerve action potential amplitude (p 

Roberta Bonomo, Guido Cavaletti, Debra Skene (2020)Metabolomics markers in Neurology: current knowledge and future perspectives for therapeutic targeting., In: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics Taylor and Francis

Introduction: Metabolomics is an emerging approach providing new insights into the 7 metabolic changes and underlying mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of 8 neurological disorders. 9 Areas covered: Here, we present an overview of the current knowledge of metabolic 10 profiling (metabolomics) to provide critical insight on the role of biochemical markers and metabolic alterations in neurological diseases. Expert opinion: Elucidation of characteristic metabolic alterations in neurological disorders is crucial for a better understanding of their pathogenesis, and for identifying potential biomarkers and drug targets. Nevertheless, discrepancies in diagnostic criteria, sample handling protocols, and analytical methods still affect the generalizability of current study results.