Section of Chronobiology

Discover the Section of Chronobiology, which is devoted to the study of all aspects of biological timing (ultradian, circadian and seasonal rhythms) in a range of models, particularly humans.

Current research

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying synchronisation of rhythms by light, melatonin and food
  • Optimisation of treatment of circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders in shift workers, blind people and the elderly
  • Interaction between circadian rhythms, sleep, metabolism and cardiovascular function in general populations, shift workers and disease (Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and liver disease)

Supporters and partners

Our research is supported by:

  • MRC
  • EU FP7
  • British Council
  • Diabetes UK
  • The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
  • The Royal Society

We have wide international links with a range of organisations, including:

  • EuRhythDia consortium
  • University of São Paulo
  • University of Chicago

Contact us

  • Phone: +44 (0)1483 686700

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