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Discover our research centres, where we can justifiably state that our research activity embraces fully the ‘bench-to-bedside’ concept.

Surrey Clinical Research Centre

The Surrey Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is a combined Clinical Research Facility that can provide expert advice regarding all aspects of clinical trial design and implementation, from setup, management and conduct to data management, data analysis and reporting for single site and global multi-centre trials.

As a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency-accredited experimental medicine unit for early phase trials, the CRC provides an enabling facility for translational research. Its current servicing of University sleep and oncology research has led to world-leading research outputs.

The facility is MHRA Phase I accredited. Situated in a purpose-designed building adjacent to the Royal Surrey County Hospital, it contains a twelve-bed ward and twelve state-of-the-art individual sleep/intensive physiological monitoring laboratories.

Visit the Surrey Clinical Research Centre website.

Surrey Clinical Trials Unit

The Surrey Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is an academic unit that has the experience, expertise and infrastructure to develop, organise and manage high quality, Phase I to IV multi-centre, randomised controlled trials (including trials of investigation medicinal products) of national and international importance.

The CTU's proven expertise includes Cancer, Gastroenterology, Palliative Care, Endocrinology, Phase I and in particular, pragmatic trials as well as trials of complex interventions.

Learn more about the Surrey Clinical Trials Unit (CTU).

Surrey Sleep Research Centre

The Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) is home to forward-thinking multidisciplinary approaches to sleep research and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, record and analyse sleep patterns and sleep disorders.

Explore the Surrey Sleep Research Centre.

Research and Surveillance Centre

Thanks to our Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC), England’s primary care flu and infectious disease surveillance system, we extrapolate our research impact to the bedside to-clinical-practice (‘Second Translation’) domain.

Discover the Research and Surveillance Centre.

Surrey Human Performance Institute

The Surrey Human Performance Institute, based within the Surrey Sports Park, which provides a range of physiological tests and lab-based assessments to help both elite athletes and the public optimise their fitness and performance. The facility offers a range of services such as the VO2 max test, sweat testing and blood tests.

Equipment includes:

  • Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • SRM and WattBike cycle ergometers
  • Bioelectrical impedance
  • Breath-by-breath gas analysis equipment
  • SVT hand-eye coordination trainer

Many practical classes from our BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences degree utilise the facilities in the Human Performance Institute and the strength and conditioning suite.

Learn more about the Surrey Human Performance Institute and the range services available.

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