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Valerie Ciavarini Azzi

PhD Student
MSc in International Business Administration (Universite Paris-Dauphine), MA in Translation Studies (Birkbeck, University of London), DipTrans (CIoL), MSc in Psychology (University of Surrey)


Research interests

I am interested in researching how to prevent adolescent anxiety and depression. For my PhD, I am investigating whether we can predict teenagers' mental health from their behaviour on social media, and whether they can be "e-nudged" to adopt protective behaviours when using social media. I am also interested in cyberpsychology from a developmental perspective, and the long term correlates of features and algorithms that deliberately manipulate the way young people think, behave, or feel when online. Finally, the debate on public vs. private online data and implications for internet research are a prime concern.

Affiliations and memberships

My publications


Ciavarini Azzi, V. (2014). Conference de presse. In Collectif d'auteurs, L'instant decale. Lisle sur Tarn: Editions les Autanes