Weizheng Zhang

Weizheng Zhang


Before joining School of Hospitality and Tourism Management as a PhD researcher, Weizheng has completed my MSc ( research in human geography) at University of Birmingham (UK) and BSc (physical geography) degree at Northwestern Normal University degree where he has gained my research interest in the migration field.

Under the supervision of Prof Gang Li, Dr Anyu Liu, Prof Allan Williams, he is  currently doing the project about the Domestic returned migration in Chinese tourist area. 

Apart from academia, Weizheng has previously worked in Hunan Daily News Agency as a journalist and published 48 news reports and about regional political economy from 2016 - 2017 which may also influence his research interest in solving socio-economic problems.

University roles and responsibilities

  • Marking Assistant

My qualifications

MSc Research in Human Geography
University of Birmingham
BSc Physical Geography
Northwest Normal University


Research interests