Ye Ling, David M. Frohlich, Tom H. Williamson, Jean-Yves Guillemaut (2023)A toolkit of approaches for digital mapping and correction of visual distortion Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Visual distortion, known as metamorphopsia, is a serious visual deficit with no effective clinical treatment and which cannot be corrected by traditional optical glasses. In this paper, we introduce a toolkit of approaches for digitally mapping and correcting visual distortion, that might eventually be incorporated in a low vision aid VR headset. We describe three different approaches spanning data-driven and generative designs and leveraging either uniocular or binocular cues. We present our proposed demonstrator, our evaluation roadmap, and challenges for the field. Initial tests with simulated data demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach. Once clinically validated, we hope these approaches will enable accurate mapping of visual distortion and eventually lead to the development of ‘digital glasses’ capable of correcting the effects of metamorphopsia and restoring healthy vision.