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Group lead

Regina Frei profile image

Dr Regina Frei

Associate Professor in Digital Economy, University of Surrey


Dr Steffen Bayer

Lecturer in Business Analytics, University of Southampton

Professor Adrian Beck

Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester

Professor John Cullen

Emeritus Professor of Accounting Management, University of Sheffield

Professor Enrico Gerding

Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton

Professor Lisa Jack

Professor of Accounting, University of Portsmouth

Dr Joseph Kimaro

Lecturer, Solent University

Dr Stephanie Law

Associate Professor of Law, University of Southampton

Dr Pingli Li

Associate Professor of Management Accounting, University of Southampton

Dr Virginie Litaudon

Research Fellow, University of Portsmouth

Vahid Mirzabeiki profile image

Dr Vahid Mirza Beiki

Senior Lecturer of Operations Management, University of Surrey

Dr Michelle Newberry

Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology, University of Southampton

Dr Soroosh Saghiri

Associate Professor of Operations, University of Southampton

Dr PK Senyo

Associate Professor of FinTech and Information Systems, University of Southampton

Dr Pamela Ugwudike

Associate Professor of Criminology, University of Southampton

Dr Gary Wills

Emeritus Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton

Steve Wood profile image

Professor Steve Wood

Professor of Retailing, University of Surrey

Dr Danni Zhang

Research Fellow, University of Southampton