Assessment and the recognition of prior learning

Assessment and feedback

All programmes are expected to have an assessment strategy that allows students to demonstrate how they have met the learning outcomes at both programme and module level.  Assessment can take many forms and it is important for student learning that programmes use a range of assessment methodologies.  Assessment is also an essential means of providing informative feedback to students on their progress and how this can feed forward into improved performances.  Information on the principles and processes around assessment and feedback are provided in the Code of practice for assessment and feedback.  Advice on assessment design is provided by the Department of Higher Education.

Recognition of prior learning

The University makes provision for the recognition of prior learning which is at higher education level but which has not led to the award of credits or qualifications positioned on the relevant higher education qualifications framework; this can allow exemption from parts of programmes.  Guidance on how recognition is operated is provided in the Code of practice for the recognition of prior learning and prior credit: taught programmes. The parameters within which credit awarded by a UK higher education degree-awarding body can be transferred are given in the Regulations for taught programmes.

In order to apply for recognition of prior learning or prior credits, please use the correct application form:

Application form for the credit exemption based on Recognition of Prior Credit (RPC) (DOCX).

Application form for the credit exemption based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or a combination of Prior Learning (RPL) and Prior Credit (RPC) (DOCX).

NB: UCAS applicants with a direct point of entry to Year 2 or 3 of the undergraduate programme and applying for Recognition of Prior Credit (RPC) for a full level of study (120 credits), do not need to use the above forms and instead follow the standard UCAS application process.  All UCAS applicants with RPC claims will be contacted by the Admissions Department regarding their evidence to support the RPC claim, e.g. a copy of transcript, showing all marks obtained as well as the syllabus and/or the programme specification of your previous studies.

If you would like assistance with your application please contact:

External examining

The external examiner system is a key component of the UK quality assurance system.  This ensures that degrees and other academic qualifications awarded in similar subjects or disciplines are comparable with those in different universities and institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom.  It also ensures that the system of assessment is fair and is fairly operated in the determination of results and final awards.  The University's processes are set out in the Code of practice for external examining: taught programmes.