Feasibility study of a moon-enabled sun occultation mission (MESOM)

Start date

01 December 2021

End date

31 March 2022


According to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s most recent assessment of space weather, better modelling and observations of the inner heliosphere represent a “crucial step in understanding all aspects of solar activities”. These include catastrophic events such as solar flares and corona mass ejections that can wreak havoc on power grids and space-based technologies.

This project, funded by the UK space agency, wants to explore the feasibility of a spacecraft mission aimed at collecting more frequent and higher-quality measurements of the inner Sun corona via Moon-enabled total solar eclipses in space. Candidate spacecraft trajectories are researched into the chaotic dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Moon system to drive the preliminary design of a UK-led small satellite platform.

Funding amount




Postgraduate research student

Dikko Ladan-Baki

University of Surrey


Research themes

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