Implementation of an MRV system to manage the delivery of nature based/natural climate solutions

Installing solar PV arrays onto multiple land uses opens the possibility for a much more beneficial returns of the land. How can social, economic and environmental aspects be measured, reported and verified?

Start date

July 2020

End date

October 2021


Activities will include:

  • Carrying out a literature review of applications of MRV methodology for study and analysis of agrophotovoltaic and photovoltaic systems, putting in evidence eventual economic and societal impact on local/regional/national communities
  • Analysis, review and assessment of existing MRV systems
  • Carrying out a site visit to Bath and Roborough, Plymouth
  • Applying new MRV method to real project cases provided by the company.

Funding amount

£5,600 from Seedcorn




In partnership with Regener8 UK.

Research themes

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