Numerical modelling of log dams: A tool for building guidance - proof of concept

Start date

04 January 2021

End date

31 March 2021


Leaky barriers or log dams are a new, nature-inspired approach to flood management which enhances biodiversity. Log dams mimic the natural wood accumulation in streams which attenuates peak flows downstream by retaining water in the landscape during storms. Being a new approach, there is a clear need for building technical guidance and informing the effective and resilient design of these dams and their location.

The proposed project will develop a proof of concept of a 3D numerical model of log dams. The objective is to demonstrate the interest of the model for simulating a wide range of operational conditions and for building knowledge on the hydraulic functioning of the dams. This new knowledge will inform design aspects affecting their concatenated flood mitigation effectiveness, as well as their stability (e.g. potential scour), maintenance, durability and environmental impacts. The model will be calibrated with the measurements being acquired at the Pipp Brook NFM monitoring site by the Environment Agency and the University of Surrey.

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