The PALLUP Study: Improving home-based palliative care for older people

Start date

September 2019

End date

September 2024


This study will help home care services to meet the needs of older people living with severe frailty who are in their final years of life, and their families.

This study will improve services and outcomes by:

  • Understanding the palliative care needs of older people living with severe frailty.
  • Supporting families to work with palliative care services and reduce unnecessary interventions.
  • Equipping community services to provide palliative care for older people living with severe frailty, to ensure a consistently high-quality service.  

Research phases

  • Phase 1.  Defining and agreeing the core palliative care needs.
  • Phase 2.  Establishing current practice in extending community provision of palliative care for older people living with severe frailty   
  • Phase 3.  Collecting both patient and family experiences and service response over a year
  • Phase 4. Developing key features and resources to implement learning in practice

Patient and public involvement and co-production

Patient and public involvement (PPI) representatives on the study’s steering advisory group are providing ongoing input over the course of the study. On-going conversations with older people living with frailty and their families will shape all aspects of this research.

To ensure that we have meaningful and ongoing Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) over the course of the study, we have adopted a flexible approach to making arrangements that are best suited to older people’s needs and that provide appropriate resourcing will maximise involvement. The PALLUP Study has been adopted by Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) co-production theme to help us develop our knowledge and application of co-production in our research programme.

As part of this ongoing work we have created a repository to upload and download shared resources for people who are undertaking research and evidence-building using creative approaches with older people living with complex care needs. The repository can be accessed

Access the repository.



Research groups and centres

Our research is supported by research groups and centres of excellence.


Research themes

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