Quantum dynamics: Elements creation in dense stellar plasma

Start date

01 October 2020

End date

30 September 2023


New basic studies of chemical element creation in the universe is being carried out by Dr Alexis Diaz-Torres and the team to develop a new model based on the theory of open quantum systems, allowing us to characterise quantum mechanically fusion reactions of atomic nuclei in dense stellar plasma for the first time. This will expand our knowledge of nucleosynthesis, as accelerator experiments on Earth cannot probe important effects on element creation caused by stellar plasma. The new model will provide a breakthrough in our understanding of the origin of the elements and, therefore, of life itself.

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Research team

Iain Lee

PhD student, University of Surrey

Dr Laura Moschini

Research Associate, University of Surrey


Dr Gilbert Gosselin

CEA, France

Dr Adriana Palffy

Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany

Professor Peter Saalfrank

University of Potsdam, Germany

Research themes

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