Understanding risks and optimising anaerobic digestion to minimise pathogen and antimicrobial resistance genes entering the environment

This project aims to evaluate the fate and transmission of pathogens/ARGs, and optimise process conditions to control their dissemination.

Start date

October 2021

End date

September 2024


Anaerobic digestion (AD) utilises organic materials to produce energy via biogas while also producing nutrient-rich digestate ideal for land application as fertiliser. However, there may be a risk to human (and livestock) health through transmission of pathogens to land and uptake into the food chain, direct environmental contact or run-off into water courses.




Devendra Saroj

Dr Devendra Saroj

University of Surrey

Mac-Anthony Nnorom

University of Surrey


Dr Lisa Avery

James Hutton Institute

Dr Rupert Hough

James Hutton Institute

Research themes

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