University Global Partnership Network: Cancer INequalities Collaboration (UGPN CINC)


Globally there are persistent and unacceptable inequalities in individuals’ cancer experience and outcomes (e.g. survival). This collaboration brings together several disciplines, including behavioural science, health services research, social work, nursing and epidemiology as well as research on a wide range of inequalities, including learning disability, socioeconomic status and ethnicity.

We have formed a trilateral collaboration between University of Surrey, NC State University and University of Wollongong Australia to maximise our global impact.


Objective 1: To develop and facilitate a high quality and impactful research collaboration between faculty/researchers in cancer inequalities research

Objective 2: To co-write/publish high quality research papers in the cancer inequalities field by identifying existing data sources/synergistic opportunities 

Objective 3: To accelerate the impact of our work by identifying interventions that can be used internationally to reduce cancer inequalities (ultimately with a view to submit high-quality research bids in the field).




Anna Cox profile image

Dr Anna Cox

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Cathrine Hoyo

Director, Epidemiology and Environmental Epigenomics Laboratory -North Carolina State University

Gemma McErlean

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Nursing, University of Wollongong

Kim Stansbury

Associate Professor, School of Social Work - North Carolina State University

Collaborators and advisors - England

Jo Armes profile image

Professor Jo Armes

Professor of Cancer Care and Lead for Digital Health

Mar Estupinan

Postgraduate researcher

Natalie Gil

Postgraduate researcher

Robert Kerrison profile image

Dr Robert Kerrison

Senior Lecturer and Co-Lead for Cancer Care

Ciara Lawrence

Mencap Engagement lead

Afrodita Marcu profile image

Dr Afrodita Marcu

Research Fellow (RA II)

Collaborators and advisors – Australia

Professor Geoff Delaney

Radiation Oncologist - SWSLHD, UNSW

Professor Ian Kerridge

Haematologist and Transplant Physician and Professor of Bioethics - USYD, RNSH

Dr Abhijit Pal

Medical Oncologist - SWSLHD

Dr Ben Smith

Behavioural Scientist, UNSW

Dr Mei Ling Yap

Radiation Oncologist, SWSLHD, UNSW

Meetings and events

Workshop 1: Developing our collaboration (complete)

Surrey-led online workshop: 23rd Nov 2022, 8-10pm UK time.

University of Surrey presentations:

  • My journey to cervical screening and why is it important that we address inequalities for people with learning disabilities (Ciara Lawrence, Mencap Engagement lead)
  • Improving early cancer diagnosis for people with learning disabilities  (Natalie Gil, PhD student)
  • Intersectionality and breast cancer care in England  (Mar Estupinan, PhD student)
  • Inequalities in cancer screening participation among men and women with severe mental illness (Dr Rob Kerrison)
  • Ethnic inequalities in cancer and in addressing cultural barriers to timely symptomatic presentation (Dr Afrodita Marcu)
  • Cancer in prisons (Professor Jo Armes)

University of Wollongong/Australian collaborator presentations

  • An assessment of cancer stage, surgery and radiotherapy receipt, and survival comparing Aboriginal with non-Aboriginal cancer presentations in NSW 2009-2018 - Professor Geoff Delaney SWSLHD, UNSW (Radiation Oncologist)
  • Disparities in access to cancer care within Australia and globally, with a recent focus on refugees and recent migrants - Dr Mei Ling Yap SWSLHD, UNSW (Radiation Oncologist) 
  • Barriers to cancer clinical trial access - Dr Abhijit Pal, SWSLHD (Medical Oncologist)
  • Culturally sensitive care for fear of cancer recurrence - Dr Ben Smith, UNSW (Behavioural Scientist)
  • Inequities in Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation - Prof Ian Kerridge, USYD, RNSH (Haematologist and Transplant Physician and Professor of Bioethics) 
  • Providing culturally congruent care to cancer patients - Dr Gemma McErlean SWSLHD (Cancer Nursing Researcher)

North Carolina State University presentations

HPV genotypes and Cervical cancer disparities - Professor Cathrine Hoyo (Director, Epidemiology and Environmental Epigenomics Laboratory)

Workshop 3: Accelerating impact (scheduled)

University of Surrey, July 2023