Elective practice

Elective practice consists of a two- or four-week placement undertaken by health sciences students on our BSc courses. It is a fantastic opportunity to customise your course to align with your learning and development requirements. Elective practice takes place at the end of Year 2 and is four weeks for paramedic science students and two weeks for nursing and midwifery students. 

Why undertake elective practice?  

Individual reasons for undertaking elective practice vary, however the potential benefits may include:  

  • Broadening your experience of health and social care  
  • Deepening your understanding of a chosen area of interest  
  • Finding self-direction and ownership of learning  
  • Addressing specific areas of your personal learning and development  
  • Facilitating planning and preparation for your future career  
  • Developing cultural awareness, appreciation and sensitivity.  

Where can I do my elective practice?  

Elective practice may be undertaken locally, nationally or internationally. If you opt to do your elective practice locally or in the UK, it must be a two-week placement. If you are contemplating elective practice internationally or you are interested in applying for Turing funding, you must complete a four-week placement. 

The experience must contribute to your learning and development as a health sciences student, with clear relevance to health and social care. This may involve participation or observation only, depending on the nature of the elective experience. Elective practice must be authorised by the University, which can be arranged through an application process. 

If you are planning to go abroad for your elective, you will be required to identify potential elective practice opportunities and make contact yourself with the host to explore and negotiate it. Below are possible opportunities to explore:  

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