Day 2: 6 July

Find out what is happening on day 2 of the Surrey 2023 Conference.

Thursday 6 July

The programme can be viewed below.

Agenda day 2: The environment

8am – 5pmRegistration open
8:30am – 9amSinging Bowl OR Campus Wellbeing Walk

9:30am – 10:15am

Keynote speech: Danielle D'Silva, Head of Sustainability at

Moderator: Dr Viachaslau Filimonau

    10:15am – 11am

    Panel discussion: Climate change

    • Professor Daniel Scott, University of Waterloo & University of Surrey (Chair)
    • Professor Geoffrey Lipman, STGC & SUNx Malta
    • Dr Debbie Hopkins, University of Oxford
    • Professor Xavier Font, University of Surrey 
    11am – 1pmMorning poster presentation
    11am – 11:30am

    Networking break

    Sponsored by the Savoy Educational Trust

    11:30am – 1pmParallel session 3
    11:30am – 1pm

    Panel discussion (parallel): (Un) fair and (In) decent work in hospitality

    Chair: Dr Anke Winchenbach

    1pm – 2pmNetworking lunch
    1pm – 2pmJournal of Sustainable Tourism Editorial Board meeting (Editorial Board members only)
    2pm – 4pmAfternoon poster presentation 
    2pm – 3:30pmParallel session 4
    2pm – 3:30pm

    Panel discussion (parallel): Sustainable Aviation

    Chair: Nadine Itani

    • Cait Hewitt (Policy Director, Aviation Environment Federation) 
    • Robert Schumacher (Europe Manager for United Airlines)
    • Laura Boccadamo (Sustainability Reporting and Emissions manager at Gatwick Airport)
    • Leigh Hudson (Sustainable Fuels & Carbon at IAG)
    3:30pm – 4pm

    Networking break

    Sponsored by the Savoy Educational Trust

    4pm – 5pm

    The Surrey Good Bucket List. Consensus on the Environment

    • Professor Allan Williams
    • Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti
    • Professor Graham Miller
    • Dr Christy Hehir
    5pm – 6pmMeet the sponsors and happy hour (sponsored by Aguardio)
    6pm – 8pmSummer BBQ & Pimms
    8pm – lateLive salsa band, DJ and bar at Rubix

    Parallel session 3

    Thursday 6 July, 11:30am - 1pm, 8 parallel sessions.

    The Environment 3Human Flourishing 5The Environment 4Digital Futures 3
    Room: AP1; Moderator, Dr Viachaslau FilimonauRoom: 23AP02; Moderator, Dr Tracy XuRoom: 34MS01; Moderator Prof  Xavier FontRoom: 66MS03; Moderator, Dr Brigitte Stangl

    Which Transformation? Re-conceptualising the bond between tourism and the environment in the Anthropocene

    Alberto Amore and Siamak Seyfi

    The effects of responsible leadership on hotel employee turnover intention under COVID-19

    Huimin Gu, Xu Yang and Diandian Lv

    Constraints theory and tourist mobility choices at the destination. Evidence from ten European capitals

    Piotr Zientara, Magdalena Jażdżewska-Gutta, Monika Bąk and Anna Zamojska

    An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Constraints to Rail Travel for Late Adopters of Technology

    Charlotte Lenton, Jillian Rickly and Brendan Ryan

    Leveraging Inspiration to Increase Sustainable Food Consumption

    Fengwei Dai, Sara Dolnicar and Dan Wang

    The impact of diaspora tourism on return migration intention across cultural distance

    Adrienne Tingyao Liu, Yoo Ri Kim, Pearl M.C. Lin and Allan M. Williams

    Self-regulation failure as an obstacle to attaining festival-related pro-environmental behaviours

    Jialin Snow Wu, Hannah Stafford and Chen Zheng

    Virtual Reality Tourism through the lens of Social Presence and Subjective Well-Being

    Ryan Yung

    The impacts of texts and pictures on the willingness to pay for protecting animal resources

    Puyue Zhang, Shanshan Dai, Shina Li and Honggang Xu

    On being community members: exploring psychological mechanisms of community identity construction through Community-Based Tourism

    Seung Ho Youn

    Exploring critical supply chain paths that drive changes in carbon emissions of accommodation industry

    Lamei He and Zihan Chen

    Cyberfeminism and Technofeminism in Tourism – a web developers’ perspective

    Rokhshad Tavakoli and Paolo Mura

    Understanding tourism, hospitality, and entertainment from a sense of place and time

    Ning Chris Chen

    Transformative Event Design: Exploring the Role of the Facilitator as Experience Broker

    Nieke Dieteren and Barbara Neuhofer

    Coopetition effects on eco-innovation adoption in the hospitality industry

    Adriana Fumi Chim-Miki, Joana Costa and Rui Augusto da Costa

    Semiotics of Travel: Assigning Meaning to Travel Posts on Social Media

    Lauren Siegel and Caroline Scarles

    Actual Behavioural Change or Intention: Value-based Learning from Greenway Experience to Promote Sustainable Tourism

    Shiqin Zhang, Musha Shi and Eric Chan

    Exploring hotel employees’ collaboration intentions with service robots, the mediating role of intrinsic work motivation and job stress

    Danni Wang, Emily Ma and Xi Y. Leung

    “I, we, They, It” and system interventions  – Is the “I” missing from (our own) sustainability research?

    Alexandra Coghlan, Susanne Becken and Stefen MacAskill

    The Impact of NFT Technology on Tourist Satisfaction in Guilin: An Empirical Study

    Qiuli Meng, Zongyu Li and Yu Nie

    Parallel session 3: 11:30am - 1pm - continued 

    Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy 3Business & Policy 3Competitiveness 3Sustainable Aviation
    Room: 80MS02; Moderator, Dr Albert KimbuRoom: 39MS02; Moderator, Prof Nigel MorganRoom: 33MS01; Moderator, Prof Gang LiRoom: 34AP01; Moderator, Dr Nicole Cocolas

    Exploring the challenges and opportunities to co-create diverse and inclusive tourism and hospitality

    Yoo Ri Kim, Bora Kim, Albert Kimbu and Sumeetra Ramakrishnan

    Segregationist housing policies and short-term rentals

    Florian Zach and Huihui Zhang

    Effects of the Gender Role Attitude and Gender Power on Chinese Couple’s Tourism Decision Making

    Tingyu Liang

    The narrowing window of opportunities for zero-emissions aviation and tourism

    Paul Peeters

    Bridging the feminist theory gap in exploring the role of Canadian Women Tourism Social Entrepreneurs

    Gaurav Panse and Karla Boluk

    Harnessing the power of stories to evaluate complex tourism interventions: a ‘most significant change’ approach

    Luigina Jessica Montano, Xavier Font, Corinna Elsenbroich and Manuel Alector Ribeiro

    Domestic Tourism and Pluralistic Ignorance in the Aftermath of a Tight Presidential Election

    Marcelo Nunes, Luis Antônio Dib and Verônica Mayer

    Analysing the effects of ESG ratings on Airline operational, financial, and market performance: a spatial econometrics approach

    Nadine Itani, Bora Kim, Anyu Liu and John F. O'Connell

    Explore the mechanisms of Chinese one-child generation female travel intention influenced by identity, culture, and gender

    Bohan Liu, Hanaa Osman and Daisy Fan

    Transformative Tourism Learning in Non-hedonic Contexts: The Role of Introspection

    Fanny Manner Baldeon and Mimi Li

    Using big-data from mobile devices to monitor and manage overtourism at urban tourism destinations

    Vicente Ramos, Bartomeu Alorda-Ladaria and Maurici Ruiz

    Online But Not Present: A Grounded Theory Study on the Value Co-creation  Behavior of Sharing Tour Guide Platforms

    Ruiqi Zhang, Huiying Zhang and Ning Deng

    The effect of international travel bans on informal entrepreneurs in South Africa

    Alicia Fourie, Andrea Saayman and Derick Blaauw

    The interplay of tourism and rural gentrification influenced by artists: a case study of Mingyue Village, China

    Xueke Yang and Honggang Xu

    Consumer behavior in tourism destination: The impact of flight experience

     Omer Ayash

    Operational efficiencies in aviation - accessing the benefits pool through dynamic airspace management

    Martin Hawley, Karol Götz, Doug Meyerhoff and Rainer Koelle

    Lifestyle Migration and Gender Perspective: Living a Familiar context under new relations

    Mónica Segovia-Pérez, Konstantina Zerva and Raquel Huete Nieves

    Cultural Events, Storytelling and Mythmaking: The Beggars Fair

    Elaine Rust

    The survival of Airbnb during COVID-19: A spatial-temporal approach

    Yoo Ri Kim, Eden Jiao and Anyu Liu


    Parallel session 4

    Thursday 6 July, 2pm - 3:30pm, 7 parallel sessions.

    The Environment 5Human Rights & Major Events 1Human Flourishing 6The Environment 6
    Room: AP1; Moderator, Dr Viachaslau FilimonauRoom: 34AP01; Moderator, Dr James KennellRoom: 33MS01; Moderator, Dr Sumeetra Ramakrishna Room: 34MS01; Moderator, Dr Xavier Font

    The significance of sustainability and its relationship with the dimensions of smart destinations. The case of the Valencian Region, Spain

    Jorge Pereira-Moliner, Eva María Pertusa-Ortega, Juan José Tarí, José F. Molina-Azorín and María Dolores López-Gamero

    Factors determining the resilience of the MICE sector in South Africa

    Refiloe Lekgau and Tembi M Tichaawa

    Exploring stories in tourist self-recovery of negative emotion: A narrative analysis

    Shiqing Zeng and Xiaoming Zhang

    The impact of climate change on tourism demand in Jamaica

    Martine Bakker, Seleni Matus and Elecia Myers

    What factors influence tourists’ choice for carbon offset travel?

    Hongrun Wu, Haiyan Song and Hanyuan Zhang

    Climate Culture. Conceptual Narratives of environmental Sustainability in the Event of Bad Ischl-Salzkammergut European Capital of Culture 2024.

    Barbara Grabher

    Marine and coastal tourism diversification policy and practice

    Anke Winchenbach

    How personal social responsibility and environmental self-identity explain the perceived importance of using a sustainability filter in booking hotels

    Luisa Andreu, Xavier Font, María José Miquel and Joaquín Aldás

    Destination management under climate emergency

    Mireia Guix and Ya-Yen Sun

    Saving the Historic Landmark:  the Key Role of the ‘1994 Taipei Arts Movement’ in Taiwan

    Yu-Chun Chen

    Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in luxury hotels: a comparative study between France and UK

    Sumeetra Ramakrishnan and Hajar Eddial

    Disaster events and inbound tourism: Insights from EM-DAT database

    Léopold Biardeau and Mondher Sahli

    Employee Resilience and Dynamic Capabilities in Tourism Organizations: A Transactive Memory Systems Approach

    Girish Prayag

    MICE events suppliers’ perspectives on virtual and hybrid in South Africa

    Tembi Tichaawa and Refiloe Lekgau

    The Impact of Hybrid Working on Employee Wellbeing. Can Leadership Styles Moderate this Relationship?

    Lisa Cafora

    Staying On Track – How a commitment-based behavioural change intervention deters off-track walking at a protected natural site

    Elizabeth Cooper, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grün

    The influence of “cost-benefit representation” of sustainable tourism data on decision-making

    Anna Torres-Delgado and Xavier Font

    Investigating the enablers and barriers for women in event leadership roles

    Emma Abson, James Kennell, Elspeth Frew, Miriam Frith, Natalie Haynes and Charlotte Rowley


    GEO and Sustainable Golf in Mainland China: The Case of Foshan as A Glocal Negotiation

    Holly Hou and Xiaoming Zhang

    Parallel session 4: 2pm - 3:30pm - continued 

    Competitiveness 4Competitiveness 5Business & Policy 4
    Room: 39MS02; Moderator, Dr Gang LiRoom: 66MS03; Moderator, Dr Marion KarlRoom: 80MS02; Moderator, Dr Yanning Li

    Effects of the Gender Role Attitude and Gender Power on Chinese Couple’s Tourism Decision Making

    Anais Cavallin, Oriol Anguera-Torrell and Ana Jiménez-Zarco

    Investigating international tourist preferences for cross-border mobility

    Lorenzo Masiero, Juan Carlos Martín, Concepción Román and Gianluca Goffi

    Investigating the Relationship between Urban Amenities and High Street Footfall Using Google Maps and Machine Learning

    Viriya Taecharungroj and Nikolaos Ntounis

    Leading through Crisis - The role of dynamic capabilities towards a more resilient tourism industry

    Anna Burton

    Investigating the effect of sensory experiences for visitors’ evaluation behaviour under spatial variance

    Huahua Li

    Hainan Sport Tourism Development - A SWOT Analysis

    Erwei Dong, Bin Fu, Yuntan Li and Jianing Jin

    Using big-data from mobile devices to monitor and manage overtourism at urban tourism destinations

    Eden Jiao, Gang Li and Jason Chen

    Tourism Destination Competitiveness: An International Approach

    MarÍa Rosario GonzÁlez RodrÍguez, María Carmen Díaz Fernández and Noemí Pulido Pavón

    Destination management organizations: current and future challenges

    Cristina Maxim

    Challenges and opportunities of airbnbficated destinations. The case of Barcelona.

    Montserrat Crespi-Vallbona

    The impact of local high-speed broadband access on different types of accommodation establishments

    Eva Hagsten, Martin Falk and Xiang Lin

    COVID-19 Pandemic and Tourism Development in Indonesia: A policy analysis

    Mohamad Robbith Subandi

    The survival of Airbnb during COVID-19: A spatial-temporal approach

    Gabrielle Lin, Michael S. Lin and Haiyan Song

    Tourism Forecasting with Bayesian Bagging in a Major Crisis

    Xinyang Liu, Anyu Liu, Jason Chen, Gang Li and Haiyan Song

    The impact of furlough on hospitality and tourism employees’ job turnover intention: A relative deprivation perspective

    Chen Zheng, Jialin Snow Wu, Henry Tsai, Hsing Ivan Wen and Neelu Seetaram

    Morning poster presentation

    Early morning to before lunch.

    TitleAuthorsManuscript ID
    Multi-destination travel choice – a choice paradigm mixing perspectiveRichard T. R. Qiu, Eden Jiao and Jinah Park4526
    Going digital or not: the moderating effect of digital engagement on the link between site scarcity and tourist intentionsRui Su and Chong Yu4554
    Menopause in the workplace, an “unspoken” topic in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry.Marianna Kornilaki4718
    The local community’s experience of tourism development in Vythiri, Kerala – a socio-economic and power-dynamics perspective.Jithendran Kokkranikal, Shyju Pj, Joshu Ajoon and Shelji Mathew5215
    An historical account of the marketing of travel to the Portuguese Diaspora in South AfricaMaisa Adinolfi5409
    "It's not what you know, it's who you know" - Social networks and resilience of tourism-hospitality SMEs to external shocksWendy Pham5797
    Research on the influencing factors of marketing effect of Marketer Generated Content (MGC) on social media: the case study of Greenland HotelKevin Zhang and Rose Xiaying Chen5834
    Why studying the acceptance of smartphone technology in hotel booking?Arshin Bakhtiari, Yuhanis Abdul Aziz, Azmawani Abdul Rahman and Rosmah Mohamed5964
    Flying towards climate catastrophe: unravelling tourism's dependency on aviationCheryl van Adrichem6065

    Afternoon poster presentation

    After lunch before consensus session.

    TitleAuthorsManuscript ID
    An importance-performance analysis for prioritizing the international hotel service quality attributes in the post COVID-19 situations in ThailandPreeda Chaiya and Theeraphon Thuaenphae6083
    Obstacles and pathways to sustainable general aviation: empirical evidence from a Swiss socio-technical mixed-methods studyMichael Stiebe6271
    Community perceptions on the socio-cultural impacts of ecotourism in CameroonVyasha Harilal and Tembi Tichaawa6426
    Every Molecule (of CO2) Counts: General Aviation Pilots’ Acceptance of a New Automatic Digital Pilot Logbook-Based Carbon Emissions Calculator with Carbon Offsetting FunctionalityMichael Stiebe, Matthias Niederhäuser, Andreas Ryser and Widar von Arx6846
    Factors influencing data sharing practices of European tourism stakeholdersJason Stienmetz6874
    Privacy concerns and potential uses of ChatGPT in the tourism and hospitality sectorsIkram Nur Muharam7019
    The vegan travelling experience through Instagram contentAlicia Orea-Giner and Francesc Fusté-Forné7137
    Pricing analysis: looking for collusion at the hotel industry.Juan Pedro Aznar Alarcón7219
    Hotel demand forecasting with review topics: Dynamic Topic Modelling and Deep LearningChenguang Wu and Shiteng Zhong7495
    Weather and climate challenges facing urban mountain tourist destinationsKaitano Dube and Godwell Nhamo7554