Dr Sumeetra Ramakrishnan (née Thozhur)

Associate Professor
+44 (0)1483 686336
15 AP 02


Areas of specialism

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Research; Inclusive Education in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism; HRM & OB in Hospitality and Tourism

University roles and responsibilities

  • Programme Director- MSc Programmes in International Hotel Management, Strategic Hospitality Management and International Hospitality Management with Digital Innovation
  • SHTM link for Institute of Travel & Tourism, and Women in Travel
  • FASS EDI Lead
  • SHTM Mentoring Circles Lead
  • University of Surrey’s Race Equality (RE) Steering Committee Member
  • Working Group Member of the University of Surrey’s Inclusive Education Strategy


Research interests

Migrant worker rights, opportunity perceptions, and barriers to progression in Major Sports Events (MSEs)- a case study of the HSBC BWF World Tour, Japan Open Badminton Tournament

Awarded an EventRights project through EU RISE Funding to explore the challenges faced by ethnically diverse migrant workers working in mega sporting events in Japan. The project explores the role of education of migrant workers towards exercising their employment rights, their perceived employment opportunities and facilitators to progression.

Start date: May 2022

End date: July 2022

Research projects

Indicators of esteem

  • Invited to judge the annual Women in Travel IWTTF Awards 2023

  • Invited Speaker to the ITT Annual Conference, June 2023, Doha, Qatar, to explore Inclusive Education in Travel and Tourism. 

  • Invited to speak at the annual EdukCircle convention, Manilla on 11th March 2023 as an expert speaker on Employment and Opportunity Perceptions of Hospitality and Tourism Students

  • Invited speaker at the World Travel Market 2022, as part of ongoing research with Women in Travel and Travel Foundation to discuss Co-creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive travel and tourism, November 9th, ExCel London

  • Invited speaker to the Annual International Women in Travel and Tourism Forum 2022, to discuss EDI in Travel and Tourism, ‘Turning point or boiling point?’ June 30, Google headquarters in London

  • Expert contributor to a white paper on “Improving Inclusion in the Workspace”, for Women in Mobility UK, 2022. Women in Mobility supports the progression of women in transport related employment in the U.K. and Germany


  • Invited to a United Nations Faiths for Right Consultation by Oxford University involving a series of workshops with senior interfaith leaders between September and November 2022, at Lambeth Palace and St George’s House, Windsor Castle. The consultation examined areas where faith and human rights work together in the arena of faith, human rights and our planet looking at this through the lens of both the Faith for Rights toolkit and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Postgraduate research supervision



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