Exploring the barriers to co-creating diverse and inclusive travel experiences for BAME tourists

Start date

February 2022

End date

July 2022


Based on previous research, there are growing concerns of racism, (in)equality, lack of diversity and inclusion (EDI) in key travel and tourism communication/information, products and services focussing on the experiences of ethnic minority travellers. It has been evidenced that such travel market is an economically powerful segment with distinct characteristics, needs and challenges, that has huge potential for growth and benefits for the tourism industry, yet has been largely ignored by the mainstream tourism industry. At an organisational level, many travel entrepreneurs and business leaders claim that they appreciate diversity and inclusion as a core organisational value to reach and engage with an ethnically diverse travel market. However, the lack of practical guidance and research evidence in formulating effective EDI strategies that engage ethnically minor employees and travellers, is hindering their progress in incorporating EDI in their corporate DNA. Therefore, understanding the challenges organisations face in terms of EDI and the nature of the industry’s current EDI practices is vital to create positive impact in the travel and tourism industry.

Aims and objectives

The project aims to explore the motivations, needs and barriers for travel entrepreneurs, businesses and content creators in (co-)creating inclusive tourism experiences for diverse travel audiences. Findings from the interviews evidenced that EDI is highly associated with the organisation’s HR policies and they acknowledge the need to embrace diversity, which is reflected in their recruitment strategies and policies. Yet, the reality is that there is still a lack of diversity in the workforce and limited representations of race and beyond (e.g. age, disabilities, gender, etc.), especially in the senior management levels. There is still a need in a better understanding in EDI and how organisations can strategically take action in the short, medium and long term.

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Research assistants

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Prosanjit Saha

Postgraduate Research Student

N. Damar

Research Assistant


  • Literature review
  • Working in progress paper
  • Lead to the success of the IAA project
  • Will contribute to the larger ESRC bid early 2023.

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