Clinical legal education

The University of Surrey’s School of Law offers students experiential learning opportunities through its Access to Justice Clinic, Digital Law Clinic and third year modules Law and Technology and Access to Justice. 

The clinics run from October to May.

Access to Justice Clinic

Access to Justice Clinic logo

The Access to Justice Clinic was launched in February 2020 and aims to deliver social justice by helping people within the community to understand their rights and offer ways to access legal solutions, in acknowledging that everyone is entitled to protection of the law. The School’s Streetlaw programme and other pro bono initiatives all come under the ‘Access to Justice Clinic’ umbrella, which enables law students to benefit pedagogically from clinical legal education with practical application of the law in real life situations. Students gain an awareness and respond to access to justice issues, while at the same time enhancing important transferable skills, with direct experience of assisting clients under close supervision of practitioners.

Business Start-Up Clinic

The School of Law invites students, who are interested in starting up their own business and would like some guidance, to attend the new Business Start-Up Clinic, provided by lawyers from Stevens & Bolton in conjunction with law students. 

Stevens & Bolton are a Guildford law firm with expertise on a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Setting up a business
  • Shareholder arrangements and corporate structure
  • Fundraising and finance
  • Human resources and employment
  • Commercial contracts and conditions of sale
  • Intellectual property and IT
  • Acquisition and disposal of business.

Lawyers will provide free legal guidance relating to starting up a new business.

Book an appointment

By appointment only. Zoom session links will be provided after registration.

To make a 20-minute appointment, please email

Digital Law Clinic

Undergraduate law students will run the Digital Law Clinic starting in October 2020. The clinic aims to work on digital related areas of enquiry, creating solutions using technology. The way legal services are delivered, and how technology enablers can be harnessed to promote and widen access to justice, will be an important area of focus within the Digital Law Clinic and the School’s new Law and Technology Hub.

Partner organisations

  • Moore Barlow LLP
  • Citizens Advice
  • Guildford Legal Advice Centre
  • JLS Solicitors
  • Lawstop
  • Lawyers Against Poverty
  • Majorlaw Solicitors
  • National Centre for Domestic Violence
  • Stevens & Bolton LLP
  • TWM Solicitors
  • University of Law

Current opportunities

Pro bono opportunities

The School of Law offers a range of pro bono services in partnership with several non-profit organisations and law firms. During the academic year, second and third-year law students can apply to volunteer to work with real clients and gain important transferable skills, such as: client interviewing, communication, advocacy, research and writing, negotiation, presentation, coordination, organisation, public speaking and team work skills.

How to apply

If you are a second or third-year law student who is interested in applying for one of these pro bono initiatives, please send an email to the Director of Clinical Legal Education, Liz Williams: