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The development of the School of Veterinary Medicine was a major initiative for the University of Surrey and was the start of our journey to create and establish a centre of excellence for veterinary medicine and science.

Right from the start a key value of our School was collaboration and we have developed strong partnerships with world-leading research institutes and state-of-the-art veterinary surgeries.

However, to ensure we push the boundaries in teaching and research and deliver a truly innovative programme, we have and are continuing to actively seek partners to help support the School.  Only through support from national and international donors as well as the local Surrey community can we ensure we have the most up-to-date facilities to train and inspire the veterinary leaders of the future and fund pioneering research programmes that aim to advance animal health, care and wellbeing.

How can you help? 

Giving to the School is the best way of contributing to world-class animal related research tackling global and local issues as well as supporting the next generation of veterinary surgeons and researchers. 

There are many different ways you can help achieve this as the School grows and develops, including support and sponsorship for:

Our academics are leaders in animal health, welfare and veterinary research and with your support we can shape the next generation of research and developments in animal health, welfare and global food security. 

These could include:

  • Improving diagnosis, treatments and survivorship rates for animals who have cancer and in turn develop and advance ways cancer can be diagnosed and treated in humans.
  • Helping recognise, monitor and treat out breaks of zoonotic diseases like the Zika virus and rabies as well as stopping the spread through research into the transmission of malaria and TB for example.
  • Improving animal welfare from devising new ways to measure and improve their well-being to developing new models that reduce the need to use animals in testing.
  • Helping in the fight against antimicrobial resistance through the development of rapid ‘pen-side’ tests that can diagnose bacterial infections and their resistance to antibiotics in just 15 minutes.
  • Securing safer food for the future by developing better mechanisms for monitoring and controlling resistance to antibiotics used in food animal production.

We want to enable the best and brightest of students to study veterinary medicine, regardless of their financial means and to become the ambassadors and leaders of their profession.  We would also like to create veterinary professionals with a global perspective, a spirit of scientific inquiry and a strong regard for the human-animal bond. 

Your support in this area would help fund:

  • Scholarships so that we can give high potential students the opportunity to study and research veterinary medicine regardless of their financial means.
  • Travel Bursaries to allow students to gain experience at another Vet School, study farm animal production in another country or spend time supporting an animal charity in a developing world for example.  These will allow our students to further their knowledge and skills and develop invaluable collaborations and partnerships for the future.
  • Prizes to help encourage, reward and recognise those students who have shown a particular aptitude in a certain subject or skill.

To enhance the best quality of teaching and research and ensure the very highest standards of animal welfare.  Your support in this way will help give the next generation of veterinary surgeons the best possible preparation for real-life clinical practice.

In animal health that will help monitor not only the health and wellbeing of individual animals but whole herds as well.   This will enable improved understanding of animal health and the early identification of problems in individual animals as well facilitating early warning surveillance of population threats such as the Schmallenberg virus and Bluetongue epidemics we have witnessed in recent years.

The Difference We Can Make Together

By working together we can train and inspire the veterinary leaders of the future and fund pioneering research programmes that aim to advance animal health, care and wellbeing.  We believe all partnerships and relationships should be both unique and mutually beneficial whilst ensuring that together we make the differences you want to achieve with your support. 

So, whether you are an individual, a charitable Trust or a corporate please join us and together we will help train high quality vets and carry out the research needed to meet the animal health and welfare challenges of 21st century.

If you wish to find out more about how you can become involved and help and support the School then please contact:

Chris Stevens, School of Veterinary Medicine Development Manager

Students' Families and Friends

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