In2Surrey is part of the University’s widening participation programme. The scheme is designed for students who have the ability and desire to study at the University of Surrey achieve their goals regardless of their personal circumstances.

In2Surrey is a national scheme open to students permanently residing in the UK and studying at state funded schools/colleges.

In order to apply you must be undertaking A-Levels, BTEC (QCF Level 3 Extended Diploma), International Baccalaureate or an Access to HE qualification and demonstrate the potential to study at the University of Surrey.

Students should have already applied or be in the process of applying to study an undergraduate programme at the University of Surrey.

You must also meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Be from families where there is no parental/carer experience of Higher Education in the UK
  • Currently receive a 16-19 bursary or its equivalent
  • Be from families where the main income earners are in non-professional occupations e.g. not a teacher, engineer, doctor or similar
  • Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups
  • Be a white male from a low socio-economic background (indicated by postcode, parental occupation or being eligible for free school meals)
  • Be a Mature Learner
  • Refugees
  • Are currently (or have been previously) in receipt of Free School Meals
  • Be looking after someone e.g. a family member or friend
  • Ever been looked after by a Local Authority?
  • Have a disability or long term health problem which affects your daily life?
  • Your current home postcode indicates that you live in an area of disadvantage with low rates of progression to Higher Education (based on POLAR 3 data)*
  • Your studies suffered from significant disruption e.g. due to personal circumstances or issues within your education
  • No longer have contact with your immediate family

*To check your POSTCODE visit only quintiles 1 & 2 qualify.

  • You must hold an offer from the University of Surrey in order to participate in the scheme
  • The applicant will also need to meet all course entry requirements including specific subject qualifications e.g. A in Physics A-Level, English Language ability, GCSE qualifications, tests and/or interviews as listed in the undergraduate prospectus or university website
  • In2Surrey alternative offers only apply when the student has made the University of Surrey their Firm Choice
  • In2Surrey alternative offers only apply when the student has successfully passed the Learning Module

Successful applicants will benefit from:

  • An alternative offer equivalent to one A-Level grade lower*
  • Access to an E-Mentor (a current undergraduate)
  • A one off In2Surrey Award of between £500 - £2000 depending on offers and grades achieved
  • Invitation to special events hosted by the University of Surrey
  • Support and guidance to assist you with the transition to university

*Please note that for BTEC (QCF Level 3 Extended Diploma) students we may be unable to make a reduction of one grade due to A-Level equivalencies, please see the table below:












45 @ Distinction




45 @ Distinction




39 @ Distinction + 6 @ Merit




30 @ Distinction + 15 @ Merit




27 @ Distinction + 18 @ Merit

All students must complete the In2Surrey application form either digitally or in hard copy and return it to us. If the application form is submitted digitally, it must be sent from the sixth form /college tutor’s account.

We strongly recommend that you apply to In2Surrey in the same week that you submit your UCAS application.

The information on the application form will be used to assess the applicant’s circumstances and judge whether they meet the criteria for the Scheme.

If an In2Surrey application is not successful, students might still be offered a place at the University of Surrey through the standard UCAS process.

Applications close on 22 January 2018 at 23:59.

The University cannot consider late applications unless there are exceptional circumstances involved. This will be considered on a case by case basis.

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application via e-mail.

In order to obtain an alternative In2Surrey offer and potentially a financial award, In2Surrey participants must complete the Learning Module. The Learning Module has one part:

  • A reflective report designed to explore personal learning experiences and progression to Higher Education

It is set in February by university staff and students have approximately three weeks to complete the task which is due in during the month of March.

You must pass the assignment in order to recieve the alternative offer and monetary award.

Support is provided via the mentoring service and university staff.

In2Surrey Award

This is a one off award that you do not need to pay back, the In2Surrey Award is given accordingly:

  • £500 for meeting the conditions of an alternative offer
  • £1000 for meeting the conditions of the original offer
  • £2000 for exceeding the conditions of the original offer

The In2Surrey Award is only available to those who pass the Learning Module and make the University of Surrey their firm choice on UCAS. Payments are made during your first year at university in two equal instalments.

Students can hold a maximum of one merit based and one means tested award at a time.

You will not recieve the award if you suspend your studies at any time

You will not recieve the In2Surrey Award if you miss your original and alternative offers but still join the university for example through clearing

In2Surrey Scheme expenses

All reasonable costs for the scheme including travel to events, catering and accommodation (where necessary) can be covered by the University of Surrey as part of its commitment to Widening Participation.

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