In2Surrey is the University of Surrey’s contextualised admissions and transition scheme, coordinated by the Widening Participation and Outreach Team. It is designed to support eligible students in their preparation for studying at the University of Surrey.

What are Contextualised Admissions?

The University of Surrey is committed to social mobility and believes, to have a diverse and representative society we must ensure all learners with the potential to succeed at University can do so regardless of their background or personal experience.

As part of this commitment to widening participation, we use contextualised admissions. This is where we use additional information, like socio-economic factors, to understand the context in which applicants have achieved their qualifications, enabling us to identify performance and potential.

You may be eligible for a contextual admissions offer if you are a UK domiciled student and meet the criteria.

Applicants will automatically be considered for an alternative entry requirement based upon contextual data as disclosed through their UCAS application. This includes applicants who:

  • Live in a POLAR4, Quintile 1 postcode
  • Live in an Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD 1), quintile 1 postcode within  the United Kingdom
  • Disclose a disability or long-term health condition
  • Have experience of living within care

For further information about contextual data and how it is used and monitored, please see our Contextual Admissions Policy.

In2Surrey provides an opportunity for applicants to receive an alternative entry requirement where circumstances are not automatically recognised within the UCAS application process. In2Surrey invites applicants to apply directly for the scheme which is considered in parallel to their UCAS application.

A contextual offer of one A level or equivalent (please see table of equivalencies below) will be applied to the entry requirement for undergraduate courses. Please note that we may be unable to offer and reduction in entry requirements for BTEC students, those with unconditional offers or where subjects are required for courses.








45 @ Distinction




45 @ Distinction




39 @ Distinction + 6 @ Merit




30 @ Distinction + 15 @ Merit




27 @ Distinction + 18 @ Merit

In order to qualify for the contextual offer through In2Surrey, applicants must select the University of Surrey as firm. Please note that, in some circumstances, the University of Surrey will automatically apply contextualised offer for applicants meeting specific criteria. For further information, please read our Contextual Admissions Policy.

You are eligible to receive a contextual offer through In2Surrey if you attend a non-selective state school and meet one of the following:

  • You have been eligible for free school meals within the last 6 years. 
  • You are eligible for a 16-19 bursary. 
  • You are a refugee with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. 
  • You are from a Gypsy, Roma, Irish Traveller, Showperson or Boater community. 
  • You are estranged from your family (studying without the support of your family) 
  • You have caring responsibilities (you care for a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition or addiction).  
  • You are a mature or adult learner who will be aged 21 years or over when commencing your studies. 
  • You live in an IMD Q2 Postcode* 
  • You live in a POLAR4 Q2 Postcode**
*Indices of Multiple Deprivation are commonly used datasets within the UK to classify the relative deprivation within smaller areas. We will check your postcode against these datasets to determine your eligibility. However, if you wish to check your own postcode prior to applying for In2Surrey, you can use the IMD look up tool.
*POLAR4 classifies the progression rate of young people in higher education within local areas across the UK. We will check your postcode using the Office for Students postcode data to determine your eligibility. However, if you wish to check your own postcode prior to applying for In2Surrey, you can use the POLAR4 look up tool.

What is the In2Surrey transition scheme?

In addition to a contextual offer, In2Surrey provides all eligible applicants with transitional support prior to enrolment at the University of Surrey. Taking place from June until October, applicants must select the University of Surrey as firm before receiving invitations to attend and access workshops, webinars and mentoring to further inform their preparations ahead of starting at university.

Our Academic Skills & Development Team will be hosting workshops and sharing resources exclusively for In2Surrey applicants. These are designed to support you with preparing for the changes in teaching and learning ahead of commencing your course of study at the University of Surrey. Become familiar with study techniques in addition to key contacts and facilities on campus so that you are ready for your first assessments.

To maximise your university experience, accessing the correct pastoral support is important. Through In2Surrey, you will be matched with a Student Success Advisor who will support with mapping out your first few weeks at the University of Surrey, ensuring that you are aware and familiar with all relevant services available on campus. In addition, you will be able to access reflective workshops and networking events which will take place pre and post enrolment.  

Student life is a key aspect to studying at university, with a host of sports and social opportunities available. Whether you are planning to commute or live at the University of Surrey, receiving advice and recommendations from others who are familiar with the opportunities on campus and across the local area will further assist with your transition to university.

As part of In2Surrey, you will be able to select your own Student Mentor who is able to share with you their experience of the University of Surrey, as well as answering any of your questions from clubs and societies to accommodation and knowledge of Guildford. The mentoring takes place across July and August, overlapping with your results day where your mentor can provide further assistance with clarifying next steps and action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the recent changes to In2Surrey, please read FAQs below: 

There is no longer a requirement to complete an assignment as part of In2Surrey. You will be able to complete the scheme following receipt of an eligible application and on the condition that you have selected the University of Surrey as firm. 

In2Surrey no longer has a direct scholarship attached to the scheme. However, if you are eligible for In2Surrey, you may be eligible for one of the University of Surrey's advertised bursaries and scholarships. Please visit our Fees and Funding pages for further information and details regarding financial support.

Applications for the In2Surrey scheme are now open until June. Therefore, we strongly encourage that you apply for the scheme once you have submitted your UCAS application. 

Apply for In2Surrey

Applications for In2Surrey are now open until June 2022. To apply, please click below.