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The Social Emotions and Equality in Relations (SEER) research group is a group of social and personality psychologists who are primarily concerned with research that supports and sustains positive interpersonal relations, equality, generous inclusion, and civil society. 

To do so, we research the interplay of emotions with personality, cognition and behaviour.

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Throughout our diverse projects, we consistently aim to bring an empirical understanding of social psychological dynamics to bear on vital social and scientific questions.

In these projects, we are researching and intervening with diverse people across the lifespan, across generations, and across cultures.

We meet fortnightly to discuss research-in-progress and related issues, and our members contribute almost all of the teaching to the MSc in Social Psychology.

Semester 2: 2019/20 

All talks are at Wednesday 2-3 pm.
Please check rooms. Subject titles to be confirmed.

5 Feb, 01AC02

  • Emma Sarter, UC Leuvain (with Peter Hegarty)
    Attitudes to transgender people and feminist identity

12 Feb, 21AC03

  • Aife Hopkins-Doyle, University of Kent

19 Feb, 35AC04

  • Matthew Vowels, University of Surrey (with Peter Hilpert)

26 Feb, 21AC03

4 March, 21AC03

  • Mark Cropley, University of Surrey

11 March, 21AC03

  • Adrian Banks, University of Surrey

18 March, 11AC03

  • Mafalda Batista Da Costa & Susie Johnson, University of Surrey
    PhD. talks

25 March, 21AC03

  • Harriet Tenenbaum, University of Surrey

Previous meetings

Meeting 1:  October 9th, 19AC03

  • Introduction to MSc students.

Meeting 3: October 23rd , 19AC03

  • Monique Botha – PhD talk. 

Meeting 4: October 30th , 19AC03

  • Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh – Exploring Art Therapy Techniques within Service Design as a Means to Greater Home Life Happiness

Meeting 6: November 13th, LTH

  • Reading on Open Science

Meeting 7: November 20th, 19AC03

  • Agata Andò (University of Turin)

Meeting 8: November 27th, 19AC03

  • PhD talk

Meeting 9: December 4th, 19AC03

  • MSc students’ presentations

Meeting 10: December 11th, 19AC03

  • MSc students’ presentations

Meeting 11: December 18th, 19AC03 

  • MSc students’ presentations

27th February 

  • Greta Urbonaviciute & Amelia Dennis (SEER PhD students)

6th March 

  • Dr. Simona Sacchi (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)

13th March 

  • Daniel Noon (Current SEER student)

20th March 

  • Dr. Theofilos Gkinopoulos (Recent SEER PhD, Kingston University)

27th March 

  • Dr. Anna Cook. (University of Surrey, recent SEER PhD)

1st May 

  • Francesca Trevisan & Monique Botha (SEER PhD students)

8th May 

  • Annette Smith (SEER placement student) & Dr. Peter Hegarty

15th May 

Dr. YingFei Heliot (Surrey Business School)

Meeting 7: Wednesday 14/02 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03 

  • Prof. Andrea Carnaghi (University of Trieste) presents his research on Intersectionality

Meeting 8: Wednesday 21/02 from 14.00-15.00 in room 09AC03 

  • Theo Gkinopoulos: Communicating history and communicating hope: A mixed-methods study on how political leaders construct who 'we' and 'they' have been or become in public ceremonial communication
  • Daniel Noon: Expressing disgust and communicating values

Meeting 9:  Wednesday 28/02 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03

  • Shannon Hirst: Priming attachment security to promote forgiveness of a relationship partner
  • Greta Urbonaviciute: Narcissism and Empathy

Meeting 10: Wednesday 07/03 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03

  • Eric Manalastas (University of Sheffield) presents his research on LGBT in the Philippines

Meeting 11: Wednesday 14/03 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03

  • Monique Botha: Community connectedness and the autism spectrum
  • Anna Cook: The effect of exposure on attitudes towards bullying and autism in schools

Meeting 12: Wednesday21/03 from 14.00-15.00 in room 09AC03

  • Dr. Maria Xenitidou:  (In)group constructions and stake management in political rhetoric on the refugee issue

Meeting 13: Wednesday 25/04 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03

  • Dr Terry Ng-Knight: Personality and the transition to adulthood

Meeting 14: Wednesday 02/05 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03 

  • Workshop for PhD students on writing funding proposals

Meeting 15: Wednesday 09/05 from 14.00-15.00 in room 21AC03

  • Dr Emily LeRoux-Rutledge: ‘I don’t know what happens after this’  Refugees’ perspectives on their identity in Germany

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