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Criminology student, Abisola Adeolu

Abisola Adeolu

"The University of Surrey is a great citadel of learning."

Entry year


When did you decide to come to Surrey? What were you doing and how did it feel?

I decided to come to Surrey after attending a careers fair at my sixth form. I was studying A-levels and it felt great after making the decision to make University of Surrey my first choice in my UCAS application.

Why did you choose to come to Surrey?

I chose Surrey because it was one of the top 10 universities for criminology. I also watched videos on YouTube, and I saw that the campus is a beautiful and serene place – which it is! It’s far away from the busy, rough and bubbly lifestyle of London.

I also read students’ and alumni’s experience studying criminology on the University’s website.

What do you like about your course and why?

I am keen to know why criminals commit crime. I want to know the drive and motive behind why you would willingly want to go against the norms of the society that lead to deviant behaviour.

I like my modules, lecturers, the resources provided and the friends I have made while studying.

What are the academic staff and facilities like on your course?

"...the lecturers always do their very best to make sure we achieve the learning outcomes set for each module."

Really helpful. The teaching methods vary depending on the lecturer; however, the lecturers always do their very best to make sure we achieve the learning outcomes set for each module. The University of Surrey is a great citadel of learning.

Are you part of any clubs or societies? How have they contributed to your Surrey experience?

I am part of the Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) and the Nigerian Student Society, and this has enabled me to meet other people from my tribe and country. The societies have helped me improve my social and communication skills.

Have you lived in university accommodation? If so, what's it like?

"The best thing about living in university accommodation is that it’s been such a great bonding experience."

I lived in university accommodation for my first year and I am currently in my second year, and I still live in university accommodation. It is a great experience as I’ve met people from different ethnic backgrounds, and it also helped me realise that we all have different values and norms. The best thing about living in university accommodation is that it’s been such a great bonding experience.

What are the best things about life in general at Surrey?

I like the proximity from Guildford to London. The distance has made it possible for me to travel back home and visit notable places in London.

I also enjoy going to the Sports Park to play basketball. I always go to the Nest, Hillside Restaurant and the Spark with friends after lectures and during the weekend.

Do you feel supported at university?

Yes, my personal tutor has been exceptionally helpful during my stay at the University. I also have a student mentor who checks up on my progress with meeting my deadlines.

When I first arrived at the University. I needed to open a bank account, the staff at the Surrey Hive were helpful and they gave me the letter I needed to continue my bank application.

What has been your best moment at Surrey so far?

Receiving my first ever university coursework grade, reviewing the feedback as I improved over time. And Freshers' Week will forever be memorable! 

I will never forget the flat Christmas dinner and the flatmates' day out to secret Santa.

Do you think you’ve changed since you started at Surrey? How?

Yes, I have changed a lot. I now have more insight about my career, and I also have seminar leaders who discuss my future goals and plans with me.


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