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Akeya Herbert

The university’s outstanding record for graduate employability, perfect balance of rural and city life, and proximity to London were all factors that contributed to my decision to make Surrey a top choice.

Entry year


What’s one snack you couldn’t live without at university?  

The chocolate chip cookies from Simply Fresh – the best!   

Why did you choose to come to Surrey?  

The beauty of the campus definitely appealed to me. The university’s outstanding record for graduate employability, Surrey’s perfect balance of rural and city life, and its proximity to London were all factors that contributed to my decision to make Surrey a top choice.   

Why are you passionate about your subject? 

My passion for studying law stems from my love of critical thinking, analysing complex situations and utilising cognitive skills to devise solutions to problems. I find it interesting learning about the intricacies of the law, understanding how it works and seeing how it applies in our everyday lives.  

What do you like about your course? 

I like the fact that my course is intellectually stimulating, even though it can be challenging at times. I particularly enjoy the problem-solving aspect, because it forces me to engage my critical thinking skills.

I also enjoy the feeling of fulfilment that I get when I’m able to successfully defend my argument after having conducted substantial research. I loved the School of Law’s trip to Runnymede and the birthplace of the Magna Carta.      

Who are your favourite academics and why? 

So far, my favourite academics have been Dr Emily Finch, Dr Vickie Thanapal, Dr Tehmina Khan, Dr Stephen Bero, Dr Katy Peters, Krystof Turek and Thomas Rollins. They make learning the law interesting. I particularly like their methods of teaching and their willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure their students understand the topics. They’ve certainly played an essential role in my development as a student at Surrey, as I had to learn a new writing style when I moved to the UK.  

What are the facilities like on your course?  

The facilities are amazing. There are different spaces designed for the type of study session you intend to do: from silent study rooms when you prefer having absolutely no distractions, to group study spaces for sessions with peers. The School also has a lot of resources to support you throughout your studies!   

What careers support have you received?  

I’ve received an enormous amount of careers support through the professional training sessions put on for second year students by the directors of employability.

In these lectures we learned about Professional Training placements and studying abroad, and heard from returning placement students and employers. These lectures also discussed the University’s Employability Award which is open to all students.    

Are you part of any clubs or societies?  

I've been a member of various societies including the Law Society, Afro-Caribbean Society, Surrey Dance Squad, the Gospel Choir, and the Christian Union.

Getting involved in these societies has greatly enhanced my university experience by giving me the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, pursue my interests, develop new skills, and broaden my horizons.

Currently, I serve as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Law Society and in this role, I’ve been able to improve my communication skills, learned to effectively manage my time and aid in being a student voice for EDI issues when communicating with the School of Law.  

What are the best things about life at Surrey?  

The best thing about life at Surrey is the convenience of Guildford’s town centre being within walking distance of the campus and London being a short train ride away. I also love the breath-taking views across the Surrey Hills and taking in the beautiful landscapes at Guildford Castle during the springtime.  

What’s been your best moment at Surrey so far?  

My best moment here at Surrey would be spending my first Christmas on campus. It was my friend’s and my first Christmas away from our homes in the Caribbean and we made the most of it by getting together and cooking a Christmas dinner in my flat. Eating good food and enjoying each other’s company truly made Christmas that year a good one despite not spending it with our families. That is truly a memory I will never forget!    

How has your time at Surrey had an impact on you? 

It may sound a cliché, but my experience here at Surrey thus far has shaped me into the woman I am today.

I’ve made lifelong friendships, learned to step out of my comfort zone and have overall become a more independent person.  

Do you know what you want to do when you graduate? 

Following the completion of my Law LLB degree, I intend to further my studies by taking the bar course and qualifying as a Barrister here in the UK.      

Do you have any other comments you’d like to offer about your time at Surrey? 

The biggest thing I had to learn coming to Surrey is that everyone is still finding the perfect equilibrium between keeping up with their schoolwork, responsibilities, money management and social lives. Therefore, it's okay to not have everything figured out right away, but it is important to create that balance between dedicating time to your studies and enjoying yourself at university.     

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