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Daniel George-Wright

GSA provided me with the variety of skills and the broad knowledge needed to develop a sustainable career in theatre.

Graduation year


Why did you choose Guildford School of Acting at the University of Surrey?

After attending the open day at GSA and listening to the content, structure and intensity of the course, I knew this was where I wanted to train. I vividly remember where I sat in the theatre, feeling a sense of community, care, talent and passion. Looking back, these attributes were reflected across all years of training at GSA, providing me with the knowledge, skills and trust required to build a sustainable career in theatre. 

What's your favourite memory?

It’s near impossible to pick out a specific memory from my four years of training. I originally auditioned for BA (Hons) Musical Theatre, but I actually received an offer for the Foundation Musical Theatre course. It gave me a better understanding of the industry, experience/independence of a university lifestyle, as well as being integrated with the BA students to improve skills and technique.  

A fond memory from the degree training was our final full scale production, which was performed outside at Racks Close. It was the perfect way to transition into the industry, performing with the whole year one last time before starting our new journeys. 

What has life after Surrey been like?

GSA has an amazing connection with, and understanding of, the ever-changing industry, preparing you for a confident transition into auditions and the lifestyle change from student to self-employed actor. The training, especially in the final year, focuses on progressing into the industry by finding an agent, professional auditions, and experiencing what it takes to create a full scale production. I was very fortunate to graduate in 2023 with a first-class honours degree and after a variety of auditions for different projects, I received an offer to be a part of the original West End cast of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ at the Apollo Theatre, an experience I am truly grateful for.  Every student has their own individual journey post drama school, but the training provided equips you with every tool you need to create an accomplished career in theatre.  

What's your advice for current students? 

Be yourself! Be prepared to fail, but be willing to learn. Everyone goes on their own individual journey throughout training, but being surrounded and supported by the friendly community at GSA provides the perfect space to grow and develop. Prepare and focus on aspects you can control. In an industry that can be very uncertain, it’s important to target what you can control. GSA provided me with the variety of skills and the broad knowledge needed to develop a sustainable career in theatre.