Student profile


"Taking part in the placement module can offer valuable insights into your career and future prospects. It allows you to gain hands-on experience by working for a company and truly understanding what it's like."

Placement company

Leonardo UK

Choosing Surrey

I first visited in sixth form and as I walked around the campus during open day, everybody just seemed genuinely happy. It was scenic and peaceful, especially the lake. I had a sense of tranquillity and my dad then said to me “you deserve to come here”, which is why I'm currently in my fifth year at Surrey and on track to do a sixth! 

My course

I like the diversity of studying an Electronic Engineering course. We do coding, business, mathematics, mechanics, physics all on top of electronics and you get to integrate it all together. It is such a powerful degree and gives you a lot of freedom of choice when you graduate to go almost anywhere. 

Professional Training Placement

I did my placement with Leonardo UK based in Basildon as a Systems Engineer. I did a lot of work on developing requirements as a systems engineer and laying out a framework for different systems and devices. Some other work involved being out in the field and testing some projects on rooftops or even out scenic parts of the countryside! I also got to work with sixth formers and their STEM projects, having an overnight project with my colleagues out in Canterbury. I think it is one of the most important years of your life. University is an experience yes, ultimately you are setting yourself up for a career. 

Having a taste of life on the outside teaches you what you really want and how it feels to work in your degree. When you comeback you will very likely have a different outlook on things, for the better of course. 

My time at Surrey

I have grown as a person a lot (especially being here half a decade). Being a student away from home is the perfect split between being given the freedom to live your life and also to be responsible for yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, I came here a boy and left a man! It has taught me a lot of independence, maturity but also, what is important to me. Making the decision to attend university exposes you to an abundance of life experiences and adventures. This significant step undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact on you, invariably leading to personal growth and development. Even in the face of challenges or setbacks, the lessons learned from these experiences are invaluable.