Graduate profile

Libby Ward 

"Take advantage of being a student for as long as possible. Companies love helping students, whether it’s giving you discounts or offering you work experience during the holidays, and it never hurts to just ask the question!"


Theatre Production BA (Hons)

Graduation year


Choosing Guildford School of Acting at the University of Surrey

When attending open days, I was instantly drawn to GSA because of the friendly and helpful atmosphere everyone exuded. All staff and students I talked to that day motivated me to work even harder to complete my A-levels, in order to study at this institution. After three years of hard work, and making loads of friends along the way, I can safely say that choosing to study at GSA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

My course 

One of the best things about this course is the unique structure, which allows you to explore all aspects of technical theatre before then deciding on which one to major in later. I entered my first year with the aim of becoming a Deputy Stage Manager but then got introduced to so many other options to explore. I am now working as a freelance Video Designer and Programmer, a whole sector of technical theatre I did not realise existed before university. All members of staff are so helpful in helping you discover what your true passion is, and then strive to ensure you get the experience and skills you need to achieve it.  

Life after Surrey

I am currently a freelance video designer. What I love about it is the variety, its something different almost every week! I think my biggest highlight so far was designing The Snow Queen at the Yvonne Arnaud because they’re such an amazing bunch to work with.

Of course, work has been a bit thin on the ground lately, so it is good to have some other income streams in dry spots. I also do some warehouse work to pass the time, as well as running an Etsy shop for my digital prints.

My course 

Because the Theatre Production BA (Hons) course is so vocational, it’s so easy to walk right into the profession you’ve been training for. The wide amount of freelancers we work with on the course also help to build up those industry contacts which come in so handy after you have graduated.

Advice for students

Attitude is key. People don’t mind if you don’t know everything about your field yet, just that you are a good person to work with and eager to learn. Enter into any job with a smile and an open mind and you’re halfway there.


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