Graduate profile
female midwifery student graduating

Lucy Cass

"I work in a homebirth team using a continuity model that allows me to work closely with women and their families throughout their pregnancies and the postnatal period."

Choosing Surrey

When I began looking into studying to become a midwife, Surrey was my first choice. Having attended an open day and meeting current students, I got a great feel for the University and felt extremely welcomed. The facilities were excellent - I was able to visit the new Clinical Simulation Centre and was blown away.

My course

The midwifery course structure was hugely appealing to me. I loved that the clinical placement and time spent studying were split, meaning I could fully enjoy and focus on my placements without simultaneously writing essays or preparing for an upcoming exam.

I always enjoyed spending time in the Clinical Simulation Centre and having the opportunity to practise clinical skills outside of placement. It enabled me to gain understanding, confidence in technique and clinical skills to then apply in my placements. I remember ‘delivering’ my first baby on a manikin in the birthing suite and eventually assisting at my first births.

My clinical placements

The rotation of clinical placements through all different areas of maternity care gave me an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a variety of care – both in hospital and community settings. Looking back at my first tentative days of community placement in first year, I gained so much knowledge and confidence over the course of the three years. I learnt so much from my inspiring mentors, and still hear their words now when caring for families myself.

My career and development

After qualifying, I spent my preceptorship year working in my home trust where I'd trained and spent my clinical placements as a student. I then had the opportunity to join the homebirth team at another local trust – where I spent my three-week elective placement – and I'm really enjoying my role.

The continuity model of the team allows me to work closely with women and their families throughout their pregnancies and the postnatal period, as well as being on call for their homebirths. This is incredibly rewarding and as a Midwife I'm learning and developing so much by following clients.

When I look back on my time at Surrey, I think of my colleagues who I trained with, many of whom are lifelong friends. A course of this nature is more than just a degree, it’s a huge and at times an overwhelming experience. The friendships formed with fellow students throughout the journey of becoming a midwife are so strong and important, and graduating next to them will forever be one of my proudest moments.