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Udbhav wears glasses and a blue shirt, he is looking at the camera with his arms crossed.

Udbhav Sharma

"I am thankful to Surrey in more ways than I can express. There are opportunities everywhere: be vigilant and be ready to face challenges."


Information Security MSc

Entry year


Why did you choose to come to Surrey?  

I chose Surrey because it’s removed from the busy lifestyle of cities like London. The campus is beautiful and peaceful and feels like home from when you first get here.  

Why are you passionate about your subject? 

Information security is an ever-changing field. It will never become stagnant.  

Why did you choose to study your course at Surrey? 

There were several factors that contributed to my decision. The course structure was one – the combination of subjects is unique. And the University is one of the best in information and cyber security-related research and this course is recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). And the campus is beyond comparison! 

The placement year offered as part of the course was another reason; to get the opportunity to work and get experience in UK industry was a great opportunity. 

What do you like best about your course? 

The course includes both theoretical and practical aspects of information security. It keeps you updated with the requirements of the industry.  

Are you part of any clubs or societies?  

Yes, I am a part of the Surrey Chess Society. We have weekly sessions, and we play and teach chess to the members. It’s a fantastic experience as you get to represent Surrey in different chess tournaments.  

Have you lived in University accommodation?  

Yes. It is so much fun living with your housemates. We cook together, celebrate festivals together; you get to meet people from different nationalities, cultures and beliefs, which is a lot of fun. 

What are the best things about life in general at Surrey?  

Surrey has its own bar on campus, Wates House - I never expected that! The weekends are pretty vibrant and people enjoy doing a lot. Surrey Sports Park is near the main Stag Hill campus and you can do a variety of sports and adventure activities like rock climbing and bouldering. Also London is only 40 minutes away, so you can go to events happening in the city easily. 

How do you spend your time on campus?  

I really like being by the lake. I feed the ducks, listen to music and relax. There are also a few cafes where you can hang out with friends. 

Do you feel supported as a student? 

Yes, the wellbeing support here is really good. You can seek help anytime you want. There are different wellbeing events every week to spread awareness and help students. 

What careers support have you received?  

There are careers fairs where you can get insights into the companies recruiting. There is also Surrey Pathfinder, which publishes different job opportunities. This course also has a placement year option, which I’m doing, which is very beneficial.

I got the opportunity to represent Surrey in the NCSC Innovators Challenge, which was fully sponsored by the University. I competed with students from different universities and got to showcase the skills I’ve learnt from my course. That was my best moment at Surrey so far.  

Do you have any advice for students thinking about postgraduate study? 

If you are thinking of postgraduate study, you’re on the right track. It will open doors to paths you never knew existed.

What do you plan to do once you graduate? 

My long-term goal is to work towards creating a more secure cyber space and building strong cyber security networks which can provide excellent security against malicious attacks. 

Finally, do you have any other comments you’d like to offer about your time here? 

I am thankful to Surrey in more ways than I can express. There are opportunities everywhere: be vigilant and be ready to face challenges. As someone once said, ‘Challenges are the opportunities undiscovered’. 


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