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hospitality and tourism management phd student

Yuting Jiang

"I’m passionate about hospitality and tourism and my PhD enables me to learn more in the process."


Hospitality, Tourism, Transport and Events PhD

Entry year


Before coming to Surrey I used to study Management Science and Technology at a university in China, but I was interested in my research topic and wanted to gain more knowledge in this area. I looked for supervisors who fitted my research area online and found more information about the University of Surrey. Then I researched more about the PhD in Hospitality and Tourism and decided to apply for this course.

"The University of Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is world-renowned and offers more opportunities for me to learn and further my knowledge."

I’m passionate about hospitality and tourism and my PhD enables me to learn more in the process, making me both happy and satisfied, and giving me a sense of achievement. My supervisors are supportive, we have fortnightly meetings and I can always reach them by email if I’m having problems or need some advice and guidance.

Currently, I make use of the resources available in the library and have attended some interesting workshops. As I only started my course a month ago, I haven’t had the opportunity to use the other facilities yet.

I think Guildford is one of the best things about life at Surrey; the people are friendly and the town is safe which make me feel comfortable as an international student. When I’m not studying, I enjoy shopping in The Friary Centre and making use of the wonderful facilities at Surrey Sports Park.

After my PhD study, I would like to be a university lecturer. My time at Surrey will give me more opportunities to communicate and interact with academics and researchers, who may be helpful for my career once I have graduated.


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