Student profile


'I wanted to learn more about telecommunications and find solutions to improve connectivity for people and businesses. Working towards a PhD allowed me to pursue this goal through research.'

Research project

We are currently developing direct communication links between mobile phones and satellites. This advancement aims to provide seamless connectivity in remote areas such as the sea or deserts. Additionally, it will expand coverage, allowing more users to access the internet at faster speeds. This means that as more people start using it in the future, the system can handle them without any connection problems.

Choosing us

I had heard a lot about the 5G-6G Innovation Centre (5G-6GIC) before applying for my PhD. As it is one of the top-ranked centres working on 5G-6G telecommunications. I was always thinking about continuing my future studies there. Luckily, I found a research topic aligned with my interests and applied. Now, I'm conducting research at the place I always wanted to be. 

Your studies

My project focuses on establishing direct communication between mobile phones and satellites. This is a cutting-edge topic that numerous universities and companies are currently working on to enable seamless connectivity. By enhancing coverage, my project aims to allow a greater number of users to access high-speed internet in the future, even in areas like the sea and deserts where internet connectivity is currently limited.


My supervisor has been a constant source of support throughout my research journey. He generously shares his experience to enhance my skills and knowledge. Our weekly meetings decrease my stress and pressure, as I can openly discuss my research issues with him and receive valuable advice. He always works to make me feel more confident and simplify the research process for me.

Here at 6GIC, researchers cover a wide range of telecommunications topics, enabling you to discuss and share knowledge with them. You can also seek their advice to enhance your understanding. 

This will broaden your knowledge in telecommunications, benefiting your future career. Additionally, various workshops are held here, providing opportunities to learn from industry experts. Companies visit to present their work and share knowledge with researchers, offering valuable networking opportunities beyond academia. This is an excellent chance to expand your network beyond academic circles.

Most rewarding moments

The most rewarding moments in my PhD journey are when my research gets accepted for publication in journals or conferences. It boosts my confidence and gives me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that my work is valued and useful. Presenting my research at conferences is also fulfilling, as I get to meet other researchers and experts in my field and share ideas with them. It's an opportunity to establish myself as a researcher or expert in my field on a global scale, which adds to the enjoyment of my PhD journey.

Life on campus 

I lived at the university's accommodation and I believe it's a valuable experience to live with others in a flat during the first year of our studies. It teaches us how to compromise and helps us form friendships. Living with peers of the same age prevents feelings of loneliness. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to meet people from different countries and become familiar with their cultures, cuisines, and accents. Overall, it's a positive experience.

Moreover, the rooms in Surrey accommodation are very cosy and clean. They promptly address any facility issues in the accommodations and ensure thorough cleaning before the start of each academic year. Additionally, the public areas are cleaned every day. These actions make living there comfortable.

Favourite spot on campus

My favourite spot on campus is the lake. It's stunning, especially during spring and summer. It's perfect for walks, runs, or hanging out with friends while taking in the beauty of the surroundings. Whenever I'm tired or in need of relaxation, I love to spend time by the lake. Additionally, during summer, there are activities organized for students to enjoy.