Language support

We offer both English preparation courses for international students planning to study with us and English language support for students during their studies. Our students can also access a wide range of facilities.

Pre-sessional English language courses

If you are an international student planning to study on a degree course with us but don't meet our initial English language requirements, our intensive pre-sessional English language courses are designed to take you to the level of English ability and skill required for your studies.

English Language Support Programme

Our English Language Support Programme provides tailored English language support during your time at Surrey. It is particularly valuable to students who speak English as a second or additional language, but native speakers are also welcome. 


  • Receive tailored English language support for your area of study
  • Access to one-to-one tutorials to support you with your written assignments, presentations and study skills
  • Access to a one-to-one free dissertation checking service
  • The course is free of charge
  • The course has no assessments
  • All study materials are provided.

How it works

Courses last from four to nine weeks, and mainly consist of one 50-minute lesson per week. Courses run in both semesters and you may enrol in a maximum of three courses per semester.

Find out more

More information is available from MySurrey, our current students' website.

Language and Culture Exchange Scheme

We offer all undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to learn and practise another language through the Language and Culture Exchange Scheme (LACES).

You will have the benefit of speaking your chosen language with a native speaker, and at the same time finding out all about their culture. Speaking another language enhances your future employment prospects.

How it works

With LACES you can find a language partner who speaks the language you want to learn or improve. In return, you can help them practise your first language.

You can enrol on LACES once you are a registered student at the University and have an active IT account.

Find out more

More information is available from MySurrey, our current students website.

Facilities and software

We have a range of first-class facilities available for practice and study, with access to industry-standard equipment and software.