As physicists, we’re passionate about understanding the world around us. From the origins of galaxies and dark matter, to developing ultra-fast lasers and exploring the sub-atomic world, we seek to understand how the world works, and to harness this understanding to improve lives.

Our physics courses put you on a fascinating path of scientific discovery, with topics spanning the breadth of this diverse subject.

Home to a range of state-of-the-art facilities, including a student observatory and high performance computer facilities, we have a strategic partnership with the National Physical Laboratory and host world-leading research groups. These include our Astrophysics Research Group, our Photonics and Quantum Sciences Group and our Radiation and Medical Physics Group.


Nano-scale 3D printing for rapid quantum device construction (Three studentships)

Funding information:
The funding package for this studentship award is as follows:  Full UK/EU tuition fee covered  Stipend at £15,285 p.a.   RTSG of £1,000 p.a.  Personal Computer (provided by the department) 

Uncertainty quantification in high-dimensional spaces with Bayesian deep learning

Funding information:
Stipend: £16,000 per annum.Fees:  Studentship Fees are covered at UK /EU rates. The studentship is open to both UK/EU students (full award – tuition plus stipend) and international students (partial award - tuition at the UK/EU rate plus stipend). International applicants are encouraged to apply for a fee scholarship to reduce tuition fees to the UK/EU rate.

The Physics of Bacteria with Aberrant Growth

Funding information:
Full funding (tuition fees and stipend) is provided by at current EPSRC rates. The stipend will be £15,609 in the first year, and increase annually to £16,560 in the third year.

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