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Upcoming seminars

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      Past seminars

      02 December 2021 (13:00 - 14:00)

      07 October 2021 (13:00 - 14:00)

      02 September 2021

      • Speaker: Dr Jae Sung Yun
      • Title of talk: Cryptochrome as a putative magnetoreceptor

      19 August 2021

      • Speaker: Rebecca Lewis
      • Title of talk: TBA

      05 August 2021

      • Speaker: Susana Huelga
      • Title of talk: Coherent effects in biological processes

      22 July 2021

      • Speaker: Eveliny Tomás Nery
      • Title of talk: Quantum effects in photosynthesis
      • Speaker: Edeline D'Souza
      • Title of talk: Magnetic field effects in the radical pair mechanism and cryptochrome

      08 July 2021

      • Speaker: Elisabet Romero
      • Title of talk: Quantum Coherence by Design

        24 June 2021

        • Speaker: Karen Michaeli
        • Title of talk: Chirality and spin in organic molecules - theory and applications

        10 June 2021

        • Speaker: Elisabetta Collini
        • Title of talk: How the environment can tune the energy, the coupling, and the ultrafast dynamics of interacting chromophores: the effect of hydrogen-bonds

         27 May 2021

        • Speaker: Wendy Beane
        • Title of talk: Radicals and Regeneration: A Quantum Approach to Manipulating Stem Cell Activity

        20 May 2021

        • Speaker: Dr Tan Sui
        • Title of talk: When Nature Meets Science, When Microscopy Transforms Dentistry

        13 May 2021

        • Speaker: Tamar Stein
        • Title of talk: Molecular formation in extreme environments

        29 April 2021

        • Speaker: Minjung Son
        • Title of talk: Carotenoid-mediated light harvesting in green plants uncovered by ultrabroadband two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy

        22 April 2021

        • Speaker: Margherita Mazzera
        • Title of talk: New platforms for integrated solid-state quantum memories

        15 April 2021

        • Speaker: Dr Will Lovegrove
        • Title of talk: IP Code, spin-outs and all things innovation

        25 March 2021

        • Speaker: Dr Bo Hou
        • Title of talk: Colloidal Compound Semiconductor Nanocrystals: The Artificial Building Blocks for New-Generation Optoelectronics and Photonics

        18 March 2021

        • Speaker: Professor Yu Xiong
        • Title of talk: Case studies of technology commercialization and the new centre of CIC of Surrey University

        11 March 2021

        • Speaker: Dr Qiong Cai
        • Title of talk: Materials design for energy storage and conversion: from nanometre to micrometre

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