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March - August 2023 programme poster

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Big Quantum Bio Meetings

This seminar series is jointly organised by our Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral College Training Centre (QB-DTC) and the Quantum Biology Tech (QuBiT) Lab at UCLA.

Seminars will be held via Zoom every Thursday from 3pm - 4pm UK time (7am PST / 10am EST / 11am BRT / 4pm SAST, CEST / 11pm JST).

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For further information contact: Dr Youngchan Kim, youngchan.kim@surrey.ac.uk.


2023 datesTalks
5 JanuaryTown hall meeting
12 January

Quantum standards: From the physical to the geopolitical, and NIST on a chip: Revolutionizing metrology through quantum standards

Barbara Goldstein (National Institute of Standards and Technology, US)

19 January

Towards a quantum biological mechanism underlying muscle stem cell regenerative potential

Fabrisia Ambrosio (Harvard Uni., US)

26 January

Towards quantum-enhanced nonlinear imaging

Lucia Caspani (Uni. of Strathclyde, UK)

2 February

Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants

Alizée Malnoë (Umea Uni., Sweden)

9 February

How to use quantum resources to give artificial intelligence novel abilities

Hartmut Neven (Google, US)

16 February

Hosting chromophores: How antenna proteins promote light-harvesting

Susannah Bourne-Worster (Uni. of Bristol, UK)

23 February

Controlling strong vibrational coupling toward quantum bioengineering

Keisuke Goda (Uni. of Tokyo, Japan)

2 March

Manipulating matter by strong coupling to the vacuum field

Thomas Ebbesen (University of Strasbourg)

9 March

Primary cilia: unique sensors in the brain

Carolyn Ott (Janelia Research Campus)

16 and 23 MarchOnline Pre-GRC School and GRC Quantum Biology!!!
30 March

Mitochondria: role in the evolution, physical principles of operations, and
inspirations for future research

Lev G. Murokh (City University of New York)

13 April

High-resolution mid-infrared molecular spectroscopy for precision measurements and tests of fundamental physics

Benoit Darquie (Sorbonne-Paris North University)

20 April

Quantum life science: nanoscale quantum biosensors, quantum hyperpolarized MRI, and quantum biology/biotechnology

Youshinobou Baba (Nagoya University)

27 April

Quantum sensors for neurology: non-invasive measurement of brain currents and muscle functions

Thomas Middelmann (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)

4 May

Enhancing macromolecular design approaches with quantum computing and quantum chemistry

Vikram Mulligan (Flatiron Institute)

11 May

Quantum diamond NMR at the scale of single cells

Ron Walsworth (University of Maryland)

18 May

Schroedinger’s bacteria: implications for physics and biology

Vlatko Vedral (University of Oxford)

25 May

Make MRI accessible to all with an ultrasensitive SQUID detection system

Dimitri Labat (Chipiron)

1 June

Investigation of magnetic field-sensitive flavin photochemistry with high-sensitivity

Lewis Antill (Saitama University)

8 June

Interfacing coherent qubits with biological targets

Peter Maurer (University of Chicago)

15 June

Magnetic control of emissivity in multichromophoric molecular systems

Seigei Vinogradov (University of Pennsylvania)

22 June


Sabre Kais (Purdue University)

29 June

Giant atoms: a new frontier in quantum optics

Franco Nori (Riken University)

6 July

Weak magnetic fields in vertebrate development and regeneration

Kelly Tseng (University of Nevada)

13 July

The nicotine/cotinine interaction in planarians: simple antagonism, regulatory site, or (perhaps) a quantum effect?

One Pagan (Westchester University)

20 July

Curious effects of non-Markovian dynamics and how it can be important for quantum sensing in biological systems

Murphy Niu (University of Maryland)

27 July


Amy S. Gladfelter (University of North Carolina)

3 August


Alfredo Franco-Obregon (National University of Singapore)

10 August

Building an equitable physics community

Katherine Wright (American Physical Society)

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