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September - February 2022/23 programme poster

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Big Quantum Bio Meetings

This seminar series is jointly organised by our Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral College Training Centre (QB-DTC) and the Quantum Biology Tech (QuBiT) Lab at UCLA.

Seminars will be held via Zoom every Thursday from 3pm - 4pm UK time (7am PST / 10am EST / 11am BRT / 4pm SAST, CEST / 11pm JST).

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For further information contact: Dr Youngchan Kim, youngchan.kim@surrey.ac.uk.


2022 datesTalks
1 September

Theoretical X-ray spectroscopy for organic materials characterization

Iulia Brumboiu (Nicolaus Copernicus Uni., Poland)

8 September

The chiral nano particles and their complexes with proteins

Nicholas Kotov (Uni. of Michigan, US)

15 September

Searching for unity in the diversity of animal magnetoreception: From biology to quantum mechanics and back

Can Xie (Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, China)

22 September

Photosynthetic hydrogen production with cyanobacteria

Kirstin Gutekunst (Uni. of Kassel, Germany)

29 September

How size can help coherence: large scale simulations of biological complexes

Giuseppe Luca Celardo (Uni. of Florence, Italy)

6 October

Applications of diamond microscope for biological magnetic field imaging

Kasturi Saha (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India)

13 October

Exploring parallel patterns of quantum physics in cancer, regenerative medicine, and neuroscience

Nirosha Murugan (Algoma Uni., Canada)

20 October

Subshot noise limited Brillouin bio-imaging with quantum light

Grish Agarwal (Texas A & M Uni., US)

27 October

Quantum vision: Probing human vision with quantum optical tools

Iannis Kominis (Uni. of Crete, Greece)

3 November

Non-invasive sensing and coherent control of surface-supported spin systems

Aparajita Singha (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany)

10 November

Photoprotection mechanisms of photosynthetic light reactions

Eva-Mari Aro (Uni. of Turku, Finland)

17 November

Is there a connection between chiral induced spin selectivity and homochirality in biology

David Waldeck (Uni. of Pittsburgh, US)

1 December

Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, Li and quantum neuroscience

Zoya Leonenko (Uni. of Waterloo, Canada)

8 December

Terahertz circular dichroism spectroscopy and chiral phonons in biomaterials

Wonjin Choi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US)

15 December

Quantum sensing in living cells

Romana Schirhagl (Uni. of Groningen, Netherlands)

2023 datesTalks
5 JanuaryTown hall meeting
12 January

Quantum standards: From the physical to the geopolitical, and NIST on a chip: Revolutionizing metrology through quantum standards

Barbara Goldstein (National Institute of Standards and Technology, US)

19 January

Towards a quantum biological mechanism underlying muscle stem cell regenerative potential

Fabrisia Ambrosio (Harvard Uni., US)

26 January

Towards quantum-enhanced nonlinear imaging

Lucia Caspani (Uni. of Strathclyde, UK)

2 February

Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants

Alizée Malnoë (Umea Uni., Sweden)

9 February

How to use quantum resources to give artificial intelligence novel abilities

Hartmut Neven (Google, US)

16 February

Hosting chromophores: How antenna proteins promote light-harvesting

Susannah Bourne-Worster (Uni. of Bristol, UK)

23 February

Controlling strong vibrational coupling toward quantum bioengineering

Keisuke Goda (Uni. of Tokyo, Japan)

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