Advanced manufacturing

The Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) is home to several bespoke in-house designed and built electrospinning systems, capable of producing nanofibres in any desired orientation up to areas as large as 0.8 x 1.2 m.


The systems available provide an array of usable setups to suit any need, including both traditional needle-style spinnerets as well as a patented high-throughput needleless system. All of our systems have the ability to be operated with either a positive or negative high voltage bias, allowing full implementation of ionic fluids and triboelectric polymers.

All of our electrospinning systems are fully interlocked and remotely controlled, providing compatibility with almost any solvent/polymer system. The built-in air extraction and HEPA filtration unit allows for the incorporation of any nanomaterial within the electrospinnable solution, providing the ability for example to produce large areas of aligned carbon nanotube sheets.

We are currently in the process of commissioning another electrospinning system which will allow for the continuous production of aligned nanofibre yarns. This will smart textiles to be electrospun for direct incorporation into fabrics and composite systems.

Advanced manufacturing equipment and nanofibre yarns

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