A core strength of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) is the wide range of facilities and capabilities that are co-located and shared by a closely knit group of researchers who bring knowledge gained in one application domain to bear on another.


We collaborate with a large number of local, national and international companies, through a range of different mechanisms ranging from sponsored studentships, seconded staff members, joint development programs, joint EU projects and directly sponsored research, to joint commercial ventures.

Collaboration with industry is an important aspect of the work we carry out. We understand that no two companies' needs are the same and hence are flexible when designing collaborative projects to ensure they maximise the benefits to both parties.

Further information

If you wish to explore any of the options for collaborating with the ATI or using our facilities please contact our Business Development Manager, Tony Corless on +44 (0)1483 689848.

If you would like to discuss use of the facilities within the Ion Beam Centre please contact Prof Roger Webb.

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