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Printed electronics have captured the imagination of both the scientific community, and the semiconductor industry for over two decades now.

The fundamental idea driving this concept, is that all the building blocks required for realising working electronic devices can be formulated into functional inks and subsequently deposited under room temperature conditions on a variety of substrates. This has the potentials of introducing a new generation of electronic devices that can be bendable, transparent and biodegradable and with a production cost much lower than their conventional counterparts.

In our laboratory, we overcome the technological barriers of printed electronics by developing new techniques in the field. Towards this end, our lab is equipped with a full range of experimental setups, covering the entire research and development cycle of new concepts; from advanced manufacturing to electrical and nanoscale characterisation.

By using the versatile Dimatix DMP-2800 ink-jet printer we have the capacity of rapid prototyping a plethora of new concepts, while simultaneously evaluating and further optimising novel solution processed materials. The latter, is further supported by our NT-MDT “Solver Next” Atomic Force Microscope, capable of performing electrical and topography characterisation of the deposited materials with a nanoscale resolution.

In our lab we provide printing services to universities, research institutes and companies at a national and international level. We actively encourage our collaborators to work with us to determine the most suitable means towards advancing the field of printed electronics. For more information please contact Dr Maxim Shkunov.

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