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Plasma formation of novel nano-materials was recognised as a technologically significant area for the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). Work in this area resulted in the formation of the spin-out business Surrey Nanosystems.

An important part of our research lies in the application advanced plasma processes to create nano-materials that address needs. An example is the development of the optical deposition head that facilitates the growth of high-quality aligned carbon tubes at process temperatures that are compatible with silicon CMOS devices.

We are excited at the capability recently introduced to deposit the catalyst material for the nano-material growth in a PVD chamber that is linked by a vacuum loadlock to the CVD growth.

In this PVD chamber we have two conventional magnetron sputter sources and a high pressure “cluster” deposition source that both forms catalytic nano-particles and ejects them onto the substrate. This tool allows the freshly prepared catalyst surface to be transported to the CVD growth without risk of contamination, as the vacuum chain is not broken.

The CVD chamber is supported by multiple gas lines allowing formation of both carbon-based and silicon-based materials. We are keen to develop significant collaborations with groups having interest in accessing the materials enabled by this unique tool.

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