The Nutrition research group is headed by Dr Kathryn Hart, a lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics in the School of Biosciences and Dr Sarah Bath, a Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Surrey.

Dr Kathryn Hart

Dr Hart is an expert in dietary assessment having contributed extensively to the design and delivery of a range of human intervention and observation trials, collecting and analysing accurate dietary information from children, adolescents and adults, including a number of patient groups.

Her particular interest is in early life, from pre-conception through pregnancy and lactation to childhood and in the role of the microbiome in early development.

Dr Sarah Bath

Her main area of interest is iodine nutrition in the UK, specifically in pregnant women which she has been researching since 2009. Sarah is interested in the effect of low iodine intake during pregnancy and early life on brain development and later cognitive function in the child.