Surrey Business School

Business Transformation and Sustainable Enterprise

The Department of Business Transformation and Sustainable Enterprise at Surrey Business School is a research focused, practice-inspired group of academics combining leading-edge research with industry experience to inform policy and practices.


Our teaching programmes include the well regarded: Business Analytics MSc and Operations and Logistics Management MSc.

The Department also supports a thriving student community. We provide a dynamic environment for PhD and DBA researchers, welcoming applications in any of our research areas.

Research interests

  • Business Analytics
  • Data-Driven Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Extractive Industries
  • Lean Thinking and Agile Manufacturing
  • Management Science
  • Mining and Development
  • Operations and logistics
  • Operations Research
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability in Business
  • System Modelling and Simulation
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management


Department for Business Transformation & Sustainable Enterprise Members

Members of the Department of Business Transformation and Sustainable Enterprise are leading experts in their fields and have a wide range of specialised interests in business analytics, operations and logistics, and extractive industries and sustainability. Information on our journal articles and research papers, conference presentations, publications and teaching areas can be found within our profiles below.

We offer a diverse range of topics suitable for PhD supervision, on which we invite contact from prospective students. Candidates interested in pursuing any of our specialist topic areas are encouraged to discuss their interest with the appropriate academic.


Head and Deputy Head of Department

Name Role
Dr James Aitken Head of Department
 Dr Wolfgang Garn Deputy Head of Department

Department members

Name Role
Dr Munir Abbasi Senior Research Fellow
Professor Alberto Aragon_Correa Professor of Management
Dr Rosanna Cole Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise
Dr Karen Dennis Teaching Fellow
Mr Masoud Fakhimi Research Assistant
Dr Panikos Geogallis Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise Management
Dr Vikas Grover Teaching Fellow in Management Information Systems
Professor Gavin Hilson Chair of Sustainability in Business
Dr Yanfei Hu Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise
Mr Peter Robinson Senior Teaching Fellow in Operations Management
Mr Adedeji Sotunde Teaching Fellow
Professor Lampros Stergiuolas Professor in Business Analytics
Dr Mahdi Tavalaei  Lecturer in Business Transformation


Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management

The Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Management (CSEM) at Surrey Business School has a mission to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience of future business leaders to address environmental and social challenges while managing business growth.