Centre for Connected Plants of the Future

New approaches for the chemical industry

At the University of Surrey's Department of Chemical and Process Engineering we're exploring the development of technology-driven innovation for the chemical industry. Find out more:

Evolution of traditional chemical plants

Harnessing the latest technologies will lead to responsive, data-driven and more secure plants. Discover our areas of research:

Modular and mini-plants

By utilising modular technologies, plants will be able to respond to changes in production requirements more easily.

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Robotics and artificial intelligence

Utilising robotics will mean safer working environments for employees, whilst automation will lead to greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Internet of things

Find out how the same technology that is in self-driving cars and connected homes will run chemical plants.

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Multiscale modelling and optimisation

Data and simulations can help predict chemical reaction rates; better data will lead to greater efficiency and accuracy in production.

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