Centre for Connected Plants of the Future

In order to maintain its competitive edge, a radical new paradigm is required in the chemical industry that deviates from traditional approaches.

We are exploring the development of technology-driven innovation through the evolution of traditional assembly production systems into cyber-physical systems. These will be able to respond to market requirements in real-time and provide visibility across production and value chains.

Evolution of traditional chemical plants

Harnessing the latest technologies will lead to responsive, data-driven and more secure plants.

Student using chemical engineering facility

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Our Department of Chemical and Process Engineering has pioneering and enduring chemical engineering courses and long-standing collaborations with the chemical industry.

Staff members

Professor Sai Gu

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor Sai Gu joined the University of Surrey as Head of The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering in 2015 after holding various academic posts at Aston University, University of Southampton and Cranfield University. He obtained a PhD in Material Modelling from the University of Nottingham and also did his post-doc research at the University of Cambridge. Professo...

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