Health and food

Our group is a multidisciplinary team of chemists, physicists and chemical engineers, working closely with biologists and biomedical scientists in academia, industry and government and academia to provide novel modelling, analysis and engineering approaches for samples and systems relevant to healthcare and food.

Research areas

Our research interests are split into three main areas:

Engineering and validation of biomaterials

Our researchers are designing novel materials and structures to recapitulate features of healthy or diseased human tissue, e.g., cancer, bone (Velliou, Carta, Roth). We also use materials to design novel wearable sensors (Crean) as well as for encapsulating drugs and active molecules for targeted drug delivery (Whelligan, Roth, Howlin, Sacchi, Liu, Chen, Cai). Our multidisciplinary research in this area enables the delivery of low-cost animal free technologies for drug and disease screening, therefore accelerating their delivery from bench to bed.

Development of novel analytical tools for healthcare

Our researchers (Bailey, Crean, Felipe-Sotelo, Al-Sid Cheikh, de Jesus, Costa, Lewis) are working with academia and industry internationally to pioneer new approaches in the analysis of tissues, cells and biological fluids.

This includes high spatial resolution imaging and depth profiling of molecular and elemental components in cells and tissues, non- invasive sampling strategies for therapeutic drug monitoring and diagnostics and point of care sensor technologies. We have unique tools for analysis of biological samples, including the EPSRC-funded National Ion Beam Centre for trace element imaging, Nano-extraction Facility for single cell and tissue analysis and Raman Spectroscopy as well as a NERC-funded facility for Laser induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. 

Food characterisation and processing

Our researchers (Felipe-Sotelo, Sears, Ward, Short, Lian, Chen) are developing cutting edge analytical and modelling approaches to characterise foods and optimise their processing. Furthermore, we are working closely with industry on designing novel emerging sustainable decontamination approaches (Velliou, Bussemaker) for achieving food safety and for mapping and controlling the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of food related pathogens from farm to fork.

Our team

A list of publications can be found on each of our team members profiles, if you'd like to find out more about what they are working on.

Melanie Bailey profile image

Professor Melanie Bailey

Theme Leader for Health and Food Technologies, EPSRC Fellow, and Reader in Analytical Science

Maya Al Sid Cheikh profile image

Dr Maya Al Sid Cheikh

Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry

Natalie Belsey profile image

Dr Natalie Belsey

Senior Lecturer & Principal Scientist at NPL

Madeleine Bussemaker profile image

Dr Madeleine Bussemaker

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Qiong Cai profile image

Professor Qiong Cai

Professor in Sustainable Energy and Materials; Sustainability Fellow; Theme Leader on Chemicals for Net-Zero within the Institute for Sustainability

Dr Daniela Carta

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Tao Chen profile image

Professor Tao Chen

Professor in Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean (International)

Carol Crean profile image

Dr Carol Crean

Reader in Physical and Materials Chemistry

Adrian Dobbs profile image

Professor Adrian Dobbs

Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dr Monica Felipe-Sotelo

Lecturer in Radiation and Analytical Chemistry

Brendan Howlin profile image

Professor Brendan Howlin

Professor of Computational Chemistry

Peter Roth profile image

Dr Peter Roth

Senior Lecturer in Applied Organic/Polymer Chemistry and School Postgraduate Research Director

Marco Sacchi profile image

Dr Marco Sacchi

Associate Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow in Physical and Computational Chemistry, Theme Leader in Sustainable Energy and Materials Research

Patrick Sears profile image

Dr Patrick Sears

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Forensic Analysis

Michael Short profile image

Dr Michael Short

Senior Lecturer of Process Systems Engineering

Neil Ward profile image

Professor Neil Ward

Emeritus Professor in Analytical Chemistry

Daniel Whelligan profile image

Dr Daniel Whelligan

Senior Lecturer in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry

Postdoctoral researchers

Daniel Baqer

Postgraduate Research Student

Natalie Belsey profile image

Dr Natalie Belsey

Senior Lecturer & Principal Scientist at NPL

Catia Costa profile image

Dr Catia Costa

Research Fellow

Claire Davison

Postgraduate Research Student

Cecile Frampas profile image

Cecile Frampas

Postgraduate Research Student

Roisin Guthrie

Postgraduate Research Student

Hannah Jefford

Postgraduate Research Student

Holly-May Lewis profile image

Dr Holly-May Lewis

Senior Laboratory Technician UPLC-MS (Chronobiology)

Yuman Li

Postgraduate Research Student

Katie Longman

Postgraduate Research Student

Mason Malloy

Postgraduate Research Student

Simone Mathias

Postgraduate Research Student

Roma Mulholland

Postgraduate Research Student

Athanasios Nikolaou

Postgraduate Research Student

Qamar Nisa

Postgraduate Research Student

Anthony Payne

Postgraduate Research Student

Jason Raymond

Postgraduate Research Student

Hammy Salam

Postgraduate Research Student

Matt Spick

Lecturer in Health and Biomedical Data Analytics

Charlotte Vale profile image

Charlotte Vale

Postgraduate Research Student

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