Dr Michael Short

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Academic and research departments

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering.


Areas of specialism

Optimisation; Mixed-integer nonlinear programming; Large-scale nonlinear programming; Process modelling; Process Systems Engineering; Process synthesis

University roles and responsibilities

  • Responsible for Departmental Media and Marketing

    My qualifications

    Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
    University of Cape Town
    Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Honours
    Chemical Engineering

    Previous roles

    12 February 2018 - 06 December 2019
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on a number of projects in Prof Lorenz T. Biegler's lab at the Center for Advanced Process Decision-making.
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Affiliations and memberships

    Senior Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
    A senior member and regular contributor to the Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Division of the AIChE.


    Research interests

    Research projects

    Research collaborations

    Indicators of esteem

    • Best Speaker Award (First Place) - The 4th Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory Scientific Conference, Energy, Water, Emission & Waste in Industry and Cities, 2020


      Postgraduate research supervision

      Completed postgraduate research projects I have supervised

      My teaching

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      My publications


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