Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) offers a diverse set of continuing professional development (CPD) courses aimed at expanding the competences and skills of translators and interpreters, at any stage of their careers. Besides that, our courses help other professionals and companies to understand how modern language services supported by advanced technologies operate, and how to use such services in an effective manner. Our CPD courses are research-led, filling a gap in the current provision of professional training and enabling professionals to do business in a global multilingual world.

Innovation in CPD

Technology is one of the strongest drivers of change shaping the present and the future of professional translation. At CTS, we think about technology from a human-centric perspective. Inspired by this perspective, our CPD courses focus on how technology can be used to support professional translators and interpreters, constructively contributing to engaged uses of technology, informed by real needs, and yielding applicable results.


In our Centre, we are researching emerging uses of technology in translation and interpreting, arising from the convergence between the most advanced AI products and services and the development of specialised skills of professionals. Our CPD courses cover such topics as effective techniques for post-editing machine translation, using neural machine translation as a translator, new configurations and challenges of remote interpreting in the post-pandemic age, and new skills needed for re-speaking and voiced subtitling. Further topics will be added in the near future.

CPD offering

We are preparing four types of CPD, different in length and complexity, and aimed at diversified audiences.

Workshops and webinars

The first of the four types of CPD we are running is our online workshops and webinars. Feel free to enrol on any of the below.

We don’t currently have any upcoming events. Check back soon for further announcements.

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Thank you for joining us!
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Thank you for joining us!
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