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CHELsea II trial team

The CHELsea II Trial is sponsored by the University of Surrey and funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

Meet the team

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Professor Andrew Davies

Chief Investigator

Simon Skene profile image

Professor Simon Skene

Professor of Medical Statistics, Director of Surrey Clinical Trials Unit

Heather Gage profile image

Professor Heather Gage

Professor of Health Economics

Melanie Waghorn

Lead Research Nurse

Jeewaka Mendis

Senior Medical Statistician

Dr Matthew Glover

Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics

Andy McClave

Clinical Trial Manager

Dr Wendy Wood

Clinical Project Manager

Dr Oya Eddama

Research Fellow (Health Economics)

Rob Hirons

Clinical Data Coordinator

Megan Roberts

Clinical Project Manager

Miriam White

Research Practitioner

Marie Williams

Clinical Data Systems Manager