Sound recording research

Sound recording research focusses on psychoacoustic engineering, spatial audio, repositories for the creative reuse of audio content, room acoustics modelling, multichannel audio, microphone beam forming, and binaural modelling.

Research projects, outputs and events

The audio commons Initiative is promoting the use of open audio content and is developing technologies to support an ecosystem of content repositories, production tools and users. These technologies will facilitate and simplify the reuse of this audio material and its integration into the production workflows of the creative industries.

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This audio day brings together researchers and collaborators engaged in audio-related research projects linked to the University of Surrey, including projects on musical audio repurposing using source separation; spatial audio in the home; making sense of sounds; and creative commons audio.

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Start and end date: 2018

The international conference is an interdisciplinary forum where researchers and practitioners can experience a broad range of exciting theories and applications involving signal processing, applied statistics, machine learning, linear and multi-linear algebra, numerical analysis and optimisation, and other areas targeting latent variable analysis problems.

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S3A is a five-year UK research collaboration between internationally leading experts in 3D audio and visual processing. Its goal is to unlock the creative potential of 3D sound to provide immersive audio experiences at home and on the move.

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Research groups

The Institute of Sound Recording (IoSR) is internationally recognised as a leading centre for research in psychoacoustic engineering, with world-class facilities and funding from research councils and industry.

Research staff

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Dr Tim Brookes

Senior Lecturer in Audio, Director of Research (IoSR)