Sound recording research

Sound recording research focusses on psychoacoustic engineering, spatial audio, repositories for the creative reuse of audio content, room acoustics modelling, multichannel audio, microphone beam forming, and binaural modelling.

Research projects, outputs and events

Research groups

The Institute of Sound Recording (IoSR) is internationally recognised as a leading centre for research in psychoacoustic engineering, with world-class facilities and funding from research councils and industry.

Research staff

Tim Brookes profile image

Dr Tim Brookes

Senior Lecturer in Audio

Enzo De Sena profile image

Dr Enzo De Sena

Associate Professor in Audio, Head of Research (Institute of Sound Recording), International Relations Officer (Department of Music and Media)

Dr Russell Mason

Senior Lecturer (IoSR), Tonmeister Programme Director

Christos Chousidis profile image

Dr Christos Chousidis

Senior Lecturer in Audio Electronics (IoSR)